20100704 Hyori MV – HahaMong show

EDIT: added English sub
Prepare to laugh your head off..


Download the MV (bonus NG cuts)

Download the mp3 rip

credit: icfinkl

Go here to watch online and read some of the info.

I really have to sleep now (it’s 3.30 am here T.T) so I’ll edit this post with more info and thoughts tomorrow.

So you’ve all watched it haha… I can say that looking at the number of downloads. Seriously, I L.O.V.E this video LOL =)) How can I emphasize it more? Yes, I know all of you are screaming “I need subssssssssss”, so here you go! Just remember, DO NOT mention any names, and DO NOT take this out of here. I wont risk my account any more, ok? I spend a lot of time making this so please appreciate that. Another note, I found this translation by accident so I totally dont know who is the translator, if it’s you please tell me so I can credit you, and thank you so so soooo much for translating it *hugs*

If you are a fan of her, you may understand a lot more about the lyrics, for example the line “Just because I make a lot of money does that mean I buy my own gifts?”, an ex actually told her to buy her own gifts because she made a lot of money. (F* you bastard!) and many others. When you get to know her, she is really a sentimental and sensitive person. Ok, without any further rambling, here is the MV. Enjoy 😀

Comments are highly appreciated 🙂


July 5, 2010. 2NE1, Hyori, Kara, MC Mong, MV, Shows/Variety Shows, SNSD, Wonder Girls.


  1. youjuchan replied:

    OMG! XD *downloads*

    btw: YT hasn’t replied yet -.-;; so i think they don’t even reply to such msgs anymore? Oo;; its weird though ≈.≈

    • caheobeo replied:

      Haha it’s ok I dont mind 😛
      thank you anyway 😀

  2. youjuchan replied:


    • caheobeo replied:

      Here you go 😀

      • youjuchan replied:

        *hugs* omg! I LOOOOOVE YOU!!!!! *hugsandwontletgo*

      • caheobeo replied:

        haha let me breathe LOL

  3. qtasiangal replied:

    I LUV LEE HYORI!!!!! she is so funny………..like how she really is………….i dont get y she got less fans just cuz her image is different than u go girl…….can anyone tell me wat 0:34 is 4…..wat she is modeling 4……..ALWAYS WILL LUV LEE HYORI 4EVA!!!!!!! o and where can i watch hahamong show in eng subs

  4. caheobeo replied:

    If I remembered properly, that’s for TOP GIRL, or GGPX. One of the two haha..
    Thank you for supporting her, and sorry I dont know where’s the subbed one. If you find it, pls inform me too. I’m eager to watch 🙂

  5. metita replied:


    vote hyori

  6. Andrew replied:

    Are the english subs still available? I can’t seem to find them anywhere

    The MV looks amazing ^^

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