Family Outing ep. 35 (2009-02-15)

Sorry I couldnt make it any faster. I have test to do on Sunday. Just be patient and I’ll answer all your comments and requests next Monday 😦

Guest: T.O.P (Big Bang)


MF Folder

credit: shewshewbox for the raw


February 21, 2009. Big Bang, Family Outing, Hyori, Kim Jong Kook, Kim So Roo, Lee Chul Hee, Park Ye Jin, Yoo Jae Suk/MC Yoo, Yoon Jong Shin.


  1. ksmin replied:

    Thank you!!

  2. ksmin replied:

    Sorry for double posting but I just wanted to say I really the new layout of your blog. And the header! How did you do it? I make one but it says it can’t accept it =(

    • caheobeo replied:

      you can only make one with a theme with custom header image feature
      go go the theme gallery and choose one then you will see “custom header image” in the appearance setting panel. Make a header with the exact size it says there and upload it to your blog 😀

  3. Renee replied:

    Thanks 4sharin’ ^^

  4. joltdude replied:

    Thanks 4 sharin

  5. Chris_yume replied:

    Thank you ^^

  6. momo replied:

    thanks !!

  7. racheeerio replied:

    Thank you so much 🙂

  8. haruhi replied:

    htaaank u sooooo much

  9. stv replied:

    thx u

  10. Rizuki replied:

    thank you so much 😀 love this episode

  11. bb replied:

    thank you ka

  12. Federica Signorelli replied:

    Sorry but I don’t see the part 1 and 2. You can help me?
    ( I don’t speak English, I’m italian) XD

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