20100704 Hyori MV – HahaMong show

EDIT: added English sub
Prepare to laugh your head off..




July 5, 2010. 2NE1, Hyori, Kara, MC Mong, MV, Shows/Variety Shows, SNSD, Wonder Girls. 10 comments.

Kim Jong Kook – Come to Play (2008-11-03)

With Wonder Girls and actor Park Jung Min(??)

*sorry I dont remember his name well


November 7, 2008. Kim Jong Kook, Wonder Girls. 5 comments.

KBS News The entire South Korea imitates Lee Hyori 080814

Nice vid, including WGs, Teayeon of SNSD, and many gag men 🙂


August 19, 2008. Hyori, SNSD, Wonder Girls. 11 comments.

Hyolee – Guerilla Date 080804

You can see Yoo Jae Suk, Shin Dong Yup, Shinhwa, WGs, Lee Seung Gi, Haha, Bi, SG Wannabe… Wow, so many ppl there. And you can also see the moment when she got the Daesang award which is really difficult to find HQ..

Enjoy, and remember the comment rule 🙂


August 15, 2008. Bi/Rain, Fin.K.L, Hyori, Shinhwa, SS501, Wonder Girls. 24 comments.

MKMF Battle of Princess (2007.11.17)

Kara :X


August 15, 2008. Kara, SNSD, Wonder Girls. 21 comments.

Wonder Girls – Pizza Bingo CF (35s)

Ye Eun is much prettier with straight hair o_O
For Wonder Girls’ fans, especially Boo 🙂


April 12, 2008. CFs, Wonder Girls. 4 comments.