20100704 Hyori MV – HahaMong show

EDIT: added English sub
Prepare to laugh your head off..




July 5, 2010. 2NE1, Hyori, Kara, MC Mong, MV, Shows/Variety Shows, SNSD, Wonder Girls. 10 comments.

Hyori – Toc Toc Toc (with Kara) 070422

HD version of the perf i shared a while ago. The old Kara is my fav girlgroup, I love them during their Break it day. And Hyori loves them, too xD



March 22, 2009. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Kara, Performance. 4 comments.

Hyolee ft. Kara – U-Go-Girl Inkigayo 500 Special 080907

EDITED: Thank you all for your support! I love your comments 😀 Happy downloading 😉


Yes it’s today‘s perf. 😀

Who wants? Raise your hand! lol..

Leave comment, I just wanna know how many want this. I’ll put the link up when the comment reachs the number I want. You ask how many I want? I wont tell you heheh…

Maybe after this test we will have some more silent readers speak. Happy commenting lol…

P.S: Pholix oppa, you just have to kiss me on my cheek to have the link, or lips if you wanna lol…


September 7, 2008. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Kara, Performance. 51 comments.

MKMF Battle of Princess (2007.11.17)

Kara :X


August 15, 2008. Kara, SNSD, Wonder Girls. 21 comments.

Kara – Fighting MV fanmade

I love Kara :X


August 15, 2008. Kara, MV. 2 comments.

Kara – Rock U mini album

01 Rock U
02 Baby Boy
03 이게뭐야
04 Good Day
05 Wait



July 26, 2008. Album/Single, Kara. 6 comments.

Hyolee & KARA – Music Bank Special Stage 070422

Both of them are coming back! YAY!!!!


It’s perfectly fine. If you cant play it properly, re-download pls!

Thanks xliSh for letting me know~!


June 26, 2008. Hyori, Kara, Performance. 11 comments.

SS501 – Lucky days ft. Seung Yeon

Our Kara is coming back~ 🙂


June 25, 2008. Kara, MV, SS501. 9 comments.

Sunha (feat. Nicole) – String on Music Bank (2008-05-09) [cashewmania]

I asked Lisa-cashewmania CB owner to up this. She really uploaded it, but she said that pls dont re-up this onto any non-CB links, except for online link. So I decided to up this on Veoh.

I know this is late, but I still wanna to share. Go KARA!!!

Lovely Kamilia! 😀 They went their to support Nicole, just for 20 seconds!


June 9, 2008. Kara, Performance. 3 comments.

Kara – Lemona_CF(HQ)

Edit: Link died

My love Kara. I miss Sunghee 😦

Gift for Mrs. Kyu


April 6, 2008. CFs, Kara. 7 comments.