You wanna be linked? Just leave your blog/site name, link and banner(if you have) here. I’ll add you to the blogroll 😀

And by the way, I wanna be linked as My Blue Ocean. With this beautiful cutie banner by our awesome Emeral xD. There’s 2 versions, bigger and smaller for you to choose.





  1. orinneko replied:

    Hello caheobeo~
    Finally the banner showed up on your site ^^
    Anyway, I’d like to affiliate u. I’ve added your blog link on my blogroll, could I can linked on your blog too? XD if you don’t mind, thx b4.

    Site name: SMTOWN-LOVER / ★내사랑 SMTOWN (・∀・) SMTOWN 아티스트 사랑★

    if the banner too big, I’ll resize it ^^ thx in advance~

  2. Orin replied:

    thank you ^^

  3. tam replied:

    caheobeo, thanks for affiliating with cashewmania^^ We added you 😀

    • caheobeo replied:

      thanks Tam ^^
      I guess you are tamga? Sorry if I’m wrong 😛

  4. vics replied:

    Hey Caheobeo. I’m bothering you again. LOL. Can you link the After School forum to your blog? =)

    Site Name: Love-After School Forum

    Thanks. =)

    • caheobeo replied:

      sure 😉
      added both of you, thanks for adding me 😀

  5. chanelight replied:

    caheobeo, can you add me to your blogroll? 🙂
    I’ve added you to my list 🙂

    thanks a lot 😀

  6. orinneko replied:

    Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ^^
    Okay, this is the smaller. if it’s also big, just tell me ^^ thanks.

  7. RNKxBoA replied:

    Hi caheobeo,

    Could you add me to your blogroll?
    Name: RNKxBoA’s WordPress

    Thnx 😀

    I already added you on mine! LOVE YOUR BANNER 😀

  8. rnkxboa replied:

    Sorry for the broken link!
    I hope this one works 🙂

    again…thnx 😀

  9. kacey replied:

    sorry for disturbing,i am a new blogger here……

    * Name: David&Kacey (K-pop Generation)
    * Artist that site supports: SNSD,SUPER JUNIOR,DBSK,KARA
    * Site link:
    * Image link:

  10. kacey replied:

    i hav added u to my blog

  11. David replied:

    I am in the process of gathering all episodes for:

    패밀리가 떴다

    And I would like to share links with you.
    I hope you will find my site beneficial for yours as well.



  12. David replied:

    Alrite, I’ve added you as

    My Blue Ocean

    Please add me as

    Family Outing Ep



  13. COURTNEYY replied:

    hi there~
    can you add me? i’m going to add you on my blogroll~

    my link is:

    and i don’t have a good picture, heh.

    thanks so much~

  14. Fraulein Jill Polii replied:

    Hello there. Even though My Blue Ocean is closed now, I’d still like to affiliated with this blog 🙂

    Anyway, my blog link have changed into
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. Fraulein Jill Polii replied:

    Thanks a lot yaa ^^ See you later~

  16. Fraulein Jill Polii replied:

    Hello. I saw that you have removed my blog on your blogroll. Could you please put it again? I have linked your blog on my blog. I’m sorry for this inconvenience. Thanks before.

  17. ndhaa replied:

    hi i’d like to be linked 🙂

    name: KPop VLog

    i’ve posted your link here:

    thanks in advance 🙂

  18. enny replied:

    name : ffindo
    url :
    baner :

  19. 8dparkbom replied:

    im jewels want to affiliate wit ur site!!

    NAME OF SITE: 8D Park Bom Blog’s
    URL of site:

  20. Astrid replied:


    We’re a Spanish Blog by and to kpop lovers ^^


    –Our banner:

    I’ve taken ur banner, and I’m waiting for my adm-mate to add it to the site ^^

    Regards from Spain!!! =3

  21. vanessah mattos replied:

    Desejamos nos afiliar.

    O Korean Fashion World é um site voltado para a moda coreana. Noticias sobre os útimos looks usados por nossas celebridades do kpop, bem como, desfiles e eventos de moda realizados em SEul e em suas proximidades , tudo isso e muito mais você encontrará em ‘Korean Fashion World’.


    Button: ,
    [caso prefira acesse]:

    Contate-nos para possíveis informações e confirmação da afiliação.

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