Broken links-Reupload

Back! Still need some times to go back to soompi xD!

If you can help, pls do! Tell me the file name you are going to re-upload and I’ll put your name beside that one. I already receive the offer of aska and Oschino. I’ll count on you for this. Thank you every much!

You can also report broken links here.

List of broken links and wasnt re-uploaded yet:

  1. Hyolee – Gmarket Boracay 50s [640×480]
  2. Made in Hyolee DVD – Photo Gallery
  3. Kim Jong Kook – Making Saying I love you MV ft. Yoon Eun Hye
  4. Kim Jong Kook – It’s love MV + Engsub online
  5. Hyolee – Change with Kangta, Ji Hoon, Hye Sung, Min Jong(2008-04-06)
  6. Hyolee – Making Black Bean Therapy CF2
  7. Hyolee – Making Isa Knox
  8. Hyolee – Gmarket Boracay 2 (30s)
  9. Hyolee – TOP GIRL Photoshoot Mnet (080422)
  10. Hyolee & Lee Jun Ki & Park Bom – Anystar CF
  11. Any star MV
  12. Off the Rec ep. 12
  13. Hyori – Change with MC Mong
  14. Hyori – Making back bean shape
  15. Hyolee – Anycall SCH-V700 Visual Phone 20s
  16. Hyolee – Anycall SCH-V700 Visual Phone 20s
  17. Lee Hyori – Hey Mr Big + Encore 081005 (Last HMB Performance)

*I am still updating the list

List of re-uploaded links:

  1. Fin.K.L – Fine Killing Liberty MV by aska
  2. Hyolee – AnyClub MV by roseltv and Barbie
  3. Hyolee – KB Card (30s) by aska
  4. Hyolee – Vidal Sassoon I (60s) by aska
  5. Hyolee – Making Soju CF by Barbie
  6. Made in Hyolee DVD – Performances – Barbie
  7. Hyolee – U-Go-Girl MV – Barbie
  8. Hyolee – Off The Rec OST – tastegud
  9. Hyori – U-Go-Girl + Winning Mutizen Song @ Inkigayo (2008-07-27) (TP ver) – Barbie
  10. OFF THE REC (Ep.1) – Barbie
  11. Change with Big Bang 2008-04 – aska
  12. Hyori – Gmarket 2 [30s] – aska


  1. My Blue Ocean closed! « My Blue Ocean replied:

    […] Broken links-Reupload […]

  2. tastegud replied:

    Btw, caheobeo, number 1 & 13 are the same.
    I’ll try to re-upload the U-Go-Girl MV since I downloaded it off you 🙂 And anything else I have.

  3. roseltv replied:

    I reupload Anyclub but in megaupload. Is that ok?

    Hyori – Anyclub part 1
    Hyori – Anyclub part 2

  4. darkvnn replied:

    I hope you can reupload U-Go-Girl Inkigayo (2008-07-27) TP version

  5. aska replied:


    #1&13 (KB Card 30s) Aska

    #14 (Vidal Sassoon I 60s) Aska

    #15 (Making Soju CF) by Barbie

    #3 (Made in Hyolee- Dvd Performance) by Barbie

    #6 (Anyclub MV) by Barbie

    #7 (U-Go-Girl MV) by Barbie

  6. aska replied:

    I’m uploading #11 Change right now too…

    Hopefully it’ll be done when I wake up xD

  7. aska replied:


    #11 (Change- Big Bang 04-2008)

  8. ashlee replied:

    thank you so much for all the reuploaded vids
    caheobeo, miss you
    wish you all the best

  9. BBwindy replied:

    Please re-upload anystar MV. I want to see Hyori, Junki and Park Bom so much.

  10. Barbie replied:

    OFF THE REC Ep.1

    Hyori – U-Go-Girl + Winning Mutizen Song @ Inkigayo (2008-07-27) (TP ver)

  11. Barbie replied:

    OFF THE REC (Ep.1) – link died

    Hyori – U-Go-Girl + Winning Mutizen Song @ Inkigayo (2008-07-27) (Perf) (Winning & Encore)

  12. ashlee replied:

    thank you so much all
    caheobeo miss you friend

  13. aska15 replied:

    HYORI – GMarket 2 (30s)

    I already re-uploaded Change w/ Big Bang from last time

    Ok seems like MU is still screwy…all big file size uploads complete in 2 secs and doesn’t show full file size ;(

  14. aska15 replied:

    Oopsies = P

    Here’s correct link for: Gmarkert 2 (30s)

  15. tatra replied:

    pls kindly re-upload

    any Hyolee’s song Hey Mr.Big and U-go-girl


    • caheobeo replied:

      Sorry with the re-upload problem. I can not do that anymore. By the way, if you are looking for songs like U-Go-Girl or Hey Mr.Big, songs in her 3rd album are mostly available in this blog. just use the search box. happy downloading 🙂

  16. Chris replied:

    Family Outing ep. 1,2,3 Links are broken! 🙂

  17. Anna replied:

    Can you reupload Family Outing Ep 26? It won’t download for me!! I really want to watch this episode, please! Thank you anyway!

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