Hyori Concert fancams (longest version)

As promised with my soompi fellow xD

P.S: Today is Lunar New Year (the traditional New Year and most important holiday in my country) so Happy New Year to everyone who celebrate this 😀

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January 26, 2009. Big Bang, Concert, Fin.K.L, Hyori, SG Wannabe, Wheesung. 8 comments.

Hyori DVD Concert release~

090322 edit: delayed again. Details here

090226 edit: it got delayed AGAIN 😯


Hyori Concert DVD
Release date:2009.02.27
Content: 2 DVD
Company :Sony Music


Yesasia (Rolled Poster)

Yesasia (Folded Poster)



January 24, 2009. Concert, Hyori. 44 comments.

Hyori The 1st Concert fancams

Hyori performing at her 1st concert Dec 19-20, 2008.
These fancams credit to http://www.cyworld.com/01090003965 and original posters at cyworld (sorry I dont know Korean, I just found out it)

see more at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7FAE6511436EE7CB

updated 20 fancams til now!

December 20, 2008. Bi/Rain, Big Bang, Concert, Fin.K.L, Hyori, Performance, SG Wannabe, Wheesung. 7 comments.

Hyori – The First Concert Photos

Updated more pics

Well! I often dont post photos, but this is the latest photos of her first concert today. Do you want to have a look? I know you do want, hehe…

Just by looking at this I can tell that she performed: Toc toc toc, Get ya’, Deepen’, Dont cry, Invincible Hyori and Dear boy. Comment pls! 😀


December 20, 2008. Concert, Hyori. 8 comments.

Hyori – First concert Trailer

Her concert will be on Dec 19 and 20. Wish I could be there T_T

Guests: Fin K.L, Big Bang, Bi, Kim So Roo (from Family Outing), SG Wannabe(maybe)



December 14, 2008. Concert, Hyori. 13 comments.