Hyori 4th album – H-Logic

1. I’m Back
2. Love Sign -Ft. Sangchu (Mighty Mouth)
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Ft. Ceejay of Freshboyz
4. Feel The Same
5. Bring It Back -Ft. Bekah (After School), Jiyoon (4minute)
6. Highlight -Ft. Bizzy
7. 그네 -Ft. Garry (LeeSsang)
8. Scandal
9. 100 Percent
10. Want Me Back
11. How Did We Get -Duet w/ Daesung (Big Bang)
12. So Cold
13. Get 2 Know -Ft. Double K
14. MEMORY -Ft. Bizzy



April 13, 2010. Album/Single, Big Bang, Hyori. 7 comments.

H-Logic trailer

Edit: Updated HD version

Download link under the cut


March 30, 2010. Album/Single, Hyori. 10 comments.

Super Junior Vol.3 – SORRY SORRY

Anyway, I’m a Sajuer xD

Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry – The 3rd Album
Release Date: March 12, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop / Dance
Artist: Group
Size: 93mb (rar)


01. Sorry, Sorry
02. Why I Like You
03. Let’s Not…
04. Angela
05. Reset
06. Monster
07. What If
08. Heartquake (feat. U-Know, Micky)
09. Club No.1 (feat. Lee Yeon Hee)
10. Happy Together
11. Dead At Heart
12. Shining Star

Click “More” to download the full album. Streaming link of SORRY SORRY available!


March 12, 2009. Album/Single, DBSK/TVXQ, Super Junior. 6 comments.

MKMF 2008 – Hyori feat. Big Bang Special Stage 081115 [HQ]

101207: Fixed the mp3 link.


November 18, 2008. Album/Single, Award, Big Bang, Hyori, Performance. 26 comments.

Kim Jong Kook – Here I Am 5th Album

Proud to be a HOKer 😀


Make sure you order it to support him:

DVD Heaven



October 22, 2008. Album/Single, Kim Jong Kook. 10 comments.

My One Man is back >_<



*heart attack*

You dont know how happy I am now! Pls buy his album to support him through:

DVD Heaven


Click “more” to watch the MV Trailer


October 17, 2008. Album/Single, Engsub, Kim Jong Kook. Leave a comment.

Hyolee – Hey Mr Big + U-Go-Girl (Performance Version) [AUDIO]

Added U-Go-Girl (Ky Nam Request)

I did a cut mixing the album version with that break in the middle, i did my best to keep the transition as best as possible, the files have different audio qualities and a few thousand technical aspects that influences on the final result.

Anyway its great to listen, but as i said i did it, it isnt a studio version, it is a cut, feel free to get it, share it, credit it and comment!!!


August 30, 2008. Album/Single, Hyori. 8 comments.

My Hyorish has come :((

OMG.. I’m so soooo happy :((

The album, LP ver. and normal ver. are both perfect :((



More pics inside..


August 22, 2008. Album/Single, Caheobeo's Diary, Hyori. 14 comments.

Kara – Rock U mini album

01 Rock U
02 Baby Boy
03 이게뭐야
04 Good Day
05 Wait



July 26, 2008. Album/Single, Kara. 6 comments.

Hyolee vol.3 – It’s Hyorish FULL~~~~~~~~~~~

Lee Hyori Vol. 3 – It’s Hyorish
Release Date: July 17, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop
Artist: Female

Track List:
01 . 천하무적 이효리 (Unrivaled Lee Hyori)
02 . Lesson
03 . U-Go-Girl – with 낯선 (Natsun)
04 . 사진첩 (Photo Album)
05 . 이발소 집 딸 (A Barbershop’s Daughter)
06 . Don’t Cry
07 . 괜찮아질까요? – with Bigtone (Do You Think It’ll Be Ok?)
08 . Sexyboy – with Wheesung
09 . 빨간자동차 – with Kim Gun Mo (Red car)
10 . Hey Mr. Big
11 . P.P.P (Punky Punky Party)- With 낯선 (Natsun)
12 . My Life (외국곡) (Foreign Song) [nhạc nước ngoài]
13 . Unusual – with Seo Jung Hwan


July 14, 2008. Album/Single, Hyori. 25 comments.

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