Hyori – Shall we dance 060412


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credit: finkldata


October 24, 2008. Hyori, Performance.


  1. Bryan replied:


  2. Hoho replied:

    see see~~

  3. vics replied:

    ooooooooooh. can you upload this, please? =) HYORI looks amazing in this performance. ^_^

  4. Night replied:

    Yeahh Hyori look amazing in Shall we dance performance, because she wear dress and she look soooo fine and sexy with women dress

  5. Oschino replied:

    Can you upload please Caheobeo! Thanks so much for uploading the previous ones too!

  6. BoinKL replied:

    Wow very sexy… RAWR. =D


  7. darkvnn replied:

    Request it ^^

  8. Shawn replied:

    So many great vids thnx again 🙂

  9. Silent replied:

    Lee Hyori and sexy dress = ftw!!! Please upload lol.

  10. Heee replied:

    nice nice pls upload

  11. Quang replied:

    thank so much for her videos

  12. Night replied:

    Thanks!! caheobeo, uumm don’t you have the mini drama in Infinity challenge ep 46 and 47? T___T i want it but i don’t find it anywhere

  13. pim replied:

    thanks a lot

  14. han replied:

    it nice to see these classics

  15. tvxqbuzz7921 replied:

    thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. Jason replied:

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Kiddychild replied:

    thank you very much,

  18. meryook replied:

    muxos thx for sharing! kumao

  19. tern replied:


  20. donas replied:

    love hyori

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