Hyori – Daesang@KMTV Music Award 031210

Hyori receiving Daesang – the most famous and important Korean music award (Korean Grammy) for her 10 mintutes. She also performed a dance performance and then 10 minute. It’s really a rare and hard-to-find file so pls say thanks if you download 🙂

Jang Nara xD




March 15, 2009. Award, Hyori, Performance. 16 comments.

Kim Jong Kook cuts@SBS Gayo Daejun 081229

He performed “One man”, and Hwesang and White Love with Mikey.



December 30, 2008. Award, Kim Jong Kook, Performance. 2 comments.

MKMF 2008 – Hyori feat. Big Bang Special Stage 081115 [HQ]

101207: Fixed the mp3 link.


November 18, 2008. Album/Single, Award, Big Bang, Hyori, Performance. 26 comments.

Hyori – MKMF 2008 [All in one-MQ]

Really thanks lovely V.I.P for not bashing her. I’m really grateful for that. Thank you, thank you so much!

MKMF 081115


*more file under the cut (HQ will be uploading later depends on your request)



November 15, 2008. Award, Big Bang, Hyori. 33 comments.

Hyori + Minwoo – Club Fever MKMF 031127



October 12, 2008. Award, Hyori, Performance, Shinhwa. 25 comments.

Hyori + Bi – Special Stage KBS Music Award 031230

Since she stopped promoting 3rd album, I will start uploading her old files. But I’m not sure if ppl want or not, so if you want, leave a comment to request, ok? Every file will be marked as “Open for request”



October 12, 2008. Award, Bi/Rain, Hyori, Performance. 39 comments.

Lee Hyori – Hey Mr Big + Encore 081005 (Last HMB Performance)

I wonder which song she will promote now…

As everything in life it has come to an end, and HMB wasnt that successful so i dont think she will ever performe it again unless its some really especial ocasion with all her singles which i also doubt would happen some time soon

anyway, i guess that there will be at least another Mv


October 6, 2008. Award, Hyori, Performance. 20 comments.

Lee Hyori – Hey Mr Big + Encore 080928

Finally she wins  o/


September 29, 2008. Award, Hyori, Performance. 15 comments.

Hyolee & Uhm Jung Hwa – Rehearsal on Mnet 20’s Choice (2008-08-22)


September 4, 2008. Award, Big Bang, Hyori, Making, Performance, Uhm Jung Hwa. 9 comments.

Hyori ft. Uhm Jung Hwa, T.O.P – D.I.S.C.O + U-Go-Girl + DJ + Receiving Hot Performance Musician Award Mnet 20’s Choice 080823

Mnet 20’s choice featuring Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa singing and dancing Disco, U-go-girl and Dj plus Lee Hyori winning hot performance prize.


August 25, 2008. Award, Big Bang, Hyori, Performance, Uhm Jung Hwa. 39 comments.

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