S-B-S claims that all of the fancams are infringing materials 😐

Yes my account has been deleted. If they dont want people to share fancams, why let fans record them?

The funny part is they said if I believe I have the rights to the videos, I can submit a counter-notification, but how can I submit one if they dont let me access my account?

Ok, you got what you want!


June 9, 2010. Caheobeo's Diary. 6 comments.

Vote for me xD

I’ve just been informed that my blog has been added in Hyori’s toplist websites and I was like WOW hahah… Thanks for anyone that added my blog there (‘cuz of course I didnt lol). They (the toplist ranking team) told me I should place a code for my visitors to vote for my site. Even though I closed this blog long ago, there are still more than 800 views per day and I’m really moved and thankful by that. I wish I could comeback and share more stuffs. I miss you guys~

Anyway, here is the code. If you are interested, please go and vote for me. You can only vote for one site once a day (from what they told me). Thank you for all your support and concern.

Hyori Lee


*all you have to do is click at the picture and click Enter and vote in the window appears. I’m in 13th now.

August 4, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 10 comments.

My Blue Ocean closed!

As I explained in my last diary post, this is the last post of the blog.

I opened it on April 04,2008. Til now this blog has:

  • Posts: 487
  • Comments: 4,175
  • Categories: 79
  • Total views: 274,814
  • Busiest day: 1,782 — Friday, September 26, 2008

It’s over one year now. Times really goes fast, I had many memories, both happiness and sadness. Anyway, I wanna thank you – all my visitors – for everything you have done for Hyori, and for me. You may or may not agree but this is my decision and I hope you will understand.

Before closing I tried to do a few things so check it out.


April 19, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 23 comments.

Just a little bit..

In recent days I’ve seen many blogs sharing Hyori’s stuffs and I’m really happy to see her get more fans like this. The only thing makes me keep up until now is my blog is the only (main) source that has a great number of Hyori files in HQ/HD. I started the blog with only small files (like CFs) but later I shared really really BIG files. I always feel the stress of uploading files and i dont like it,  but i cant stop b/c Hyori fans need me. Therefore, I’m really happy seeing our fans have more sources to download..

But the sad part is…I saw My Blue Ocean‘s copies. They re-uploaded my files onto other easier-to-download hosts like USA or MF. It’s not that I like MU or not. I share many files, and usually they are big. If I use MF or USA, I have to split them (which is very inconvenient to both upload and download). And the most important thing is, MF links dies fast + I dont have time to re-upload everything => MU is the only choice. MU provides me:

  • Up to 1Gb file size for upload
  • File only dies after 3 months of inactive (no one downloads it)
  • Automatically converts files to online videos

As a result, less and less ppl visit my blog and download. I though it’s because of Hyori’s hiatus but now I understand why. I didnt have any problems with re-uploading if my email is not full of Warning mails from MU, that most of my files are going to die due to no downloading. Seriously, I cant re-upload anymore!

Maybe it’s the time for me to retire. Our fans have other sources anyway so I dont have to worry.

April 15, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 25 comments.

New Channel set up!

I’ve set up a new Megavid Channel so the Megavideos list Page before isnt necessary any more. I replaced it with the new one listing all my online channels. Subscribe to my channels to get new updates.

Remember all the Megavid videos are available in HQ download. You can find the HQs HERE, in this blog (by using the search box of course 😀 )

April 6, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 2 comments.

Where were you, caheobeo?

Well i had tons of comment and emails asking abt that(although it came from a few ppl/true commentors). Sorry for disappearing and ignoring all your comments. The reason was.. I am going to move to a new house within a month. We are doing some repair and decoration with the new house so i have to travel back and forth b/w the two 😦

Anyway, many things did happen so i decided to make this post to list all the updates.


March 22, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 6 comments.

MU links


From now on I will add an online watching link for almost MU links. You may want to take a look before download to get the HQ. I prefer you to download the HQ because if you dont, the HQ link will die and so on the online link. I add this just because megaupload provide me it, and to help you know what you will get (in case you are not sure if you  had that or not)

I will add a new page listing all the Megavideo a little later. You can go watch and decide which to download. Thanks for your support 🙂

090406 edit: I replaced that page with a new page listing all my streaming/online videos channels. Subcribe to see new updates 😉

February 22, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 4 comments.

New Important Notice!

090126 edit: MF won(35 downloads compare to 16 downloads of USA), FO will be uploaded to MF since now!


January 18, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 19 comments.

New Rule!

Due to the serious lack of comments, I’ve decided this rule.


When you comment, fill in your real email, and I’ll send the link to that email. Use the username you often use here, dont change it b/c for some rare files I will send the link to the regular commentors first.

January 3, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary. 7 comments.

Merry.. late Christmas :)

Hehe sorry for being late. I’m too busy so I totally forget this lol..

Anyway, thanks for all your supports 😀  *hugs&kisses* I cant stand this long without any of you. Pls support me more in the future, ok? This is my small gift for all of you guys. Just a pack of Hyori Christmas’s wallpapers, do you want? 😉


December 26, 2008. Caheobeo's Diary, Hyori. 6 comments.

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