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*note: I often dont take request except you are a frequent commentor (or for my friends). And I dont share non – Hyori and Kim Jong Kook – related files.



  1. TrangMin replied:

    I want to have an avatar :(( But how :(( Could you please show me =(( Why only you can have an ava :(( It’s not fair ><

  2. caheobeo replied:

    You can have your own avatar if you sign up an account at wordpress.com 🙂

  3. trangmin replied:

    I have watched a CF of her with Junki on youtube ;)) Do you have that? 😀

  4. caheobeo replied:

    I have 🙂
    I will upload it 2morrow. U like that one?
    I think I have some another CFs of Jun Ki ;)) as well.
    btw, where’s your ava? :))

  5. 10kg replied:

    Sợ quá, em kô biết tiếng Anh 😦 😦

  6. caheobeo replied:

    No one believes you 😐

  7. savageboy replied:

    Can I ask you by Vietnamese?? My English is very bad.

  8. savageboy replied:

    I had a account. I don’t know How make avatar?

  9. caheobeo replied:

    I saw that you had an avatar already o_O

  10. 10kg replied:

    @caheo…plz believe me , I’m just a poor gurl with a poor English knowledge 😦 How I wish my English would be better 😦 😦

  11. trangmin replied:

    Yesterday I didn’t see my ava but now…. as you see ^^ Is he handsome? :*:*

  12. trangmin replied:

    @Sp: Ich hasse dich >_<

    @ss pig fish :X How cute x’D

  13. caheobeo replied:

    @10: See? u r using English well 🙂
    @Trang: You want me to say yes, right? ;))
    So let me ask you a ques, too!
    Is my unnie beautiful? ;))

  14. trangmin replied:

    of course yes x’D x’D. And how about my ques???!!?? ;))

  15. caheobeo replied:

    Hahaha the same to your answer 🙂

  16. trangmin replied:

    Do you have any MV of her?? *Of course =))* Could you also share them? ;))

  17. caheobeo replied:

    Of course I have ALL her MVs. But they’re really heavy, so I’m not sure I can upload it or not 😦
    As I said in about me page, my internet connection is not good 😦
    If you can find some more editors for our sub team, I think I will have enough time to do it hahaha.

  18. ahboo replied:

    from what i see on my comp, the meebo thing is blocking the recent comments column. it’s perfectly fine on yours?

  19. caheobeo replied:

    It’s perfectly fine on me. I dont really understand you. You mean meebo is too big and it takes almost space for the recent comm column?
    I also have a ques to ask you. When I click at your nick, it takes me to your blog. I cant rmb where i can do that hahah, pls let me know! I just added the wrong link and want to edit.

  20. dennis replied:

    Does Hyori like foreigh (white guys ) ????

    In off the Rec episide 5 some one translated that she only gives them email when they ask for her phone number .

    So ,she only dates Korean man …i guess i dont have i chance with her ?

  21. dennis replied:

    She said she doesnt reply them back .

    She said a lot of foreign man ask for her phone number ,but she dont answer them .

  22. ahboo replied:

    yeah the meebo thing completely blocks out the comments column. it’s hard for me to find out if you replied to my comment =/ i wonder if it has something to do with my screen resolution or my comp is just being plain weird.

  23. caheobeo replied:

    @Dennis: Very glad seeing many of your comments in my blog 🙂

    I am not sure but she once said that she will marry a normal Korean man ( means an infamous man). I think she doesnt like white guys (just my opinion).
    btw, where did you see the translation of ep 5? o_O
    Pls let me know, did someone sub it? OMG
    @Boo: maybe you should try changing your theme. As I once said, each theme provides you different features.
    P.S: you forget answering my ques?

  24. dennis replied:

    Well ..i saw in You Tube’s comments section,some one translated there little bit. Sorry ,but no subs..only few translations by commenters in comments section.

    Go to You Tube ,type Hyolee off the rec ep 5 and look at comments section .

    I guess Hyolee is not that openminded in terms of dating foreign man !!!!!

    I think its because of Korean media ,they say bad things
    about white english teachers .I am not saying Koreans racist ,but most are not really open to other cultures.

  25. ahboo replied:

    uh no i doubt it’s got to do with the theme. gahhh nvm this issue is insignificant.

    ok i got bored and took a screenie of how it looks like lol http://img33.picoodle.com/img/img33/4/4/11/drolfxil/f_boosscreenm_d5424a4.jpg

  26. caheobeo replied:

    OMG I misunderstood you. I thought that you wanted to add meebo on you blog and it blocked your comm column. Does it happen only to my blog, or every blogs have meebo? Anyway I knew how to solve the problem already after taking a look at your screen 🙂
    I can see that you are using IE (7.0?) but believe me, WP runs better on FF. If you open my blog by FF, you will see no problem 🙂 And FF is faster and more convenient, too 🙂
    Again, my ques Boo :(:
    I also have a ques to ask you. When I click at your nick, it takes me to your blog. I cant rmb where i can do that hahah, pls let me know! I just added the wrong link and want to edit.

  27. caheobeo replied:

    @Dennis: 😦 I was very happy thinking that there’s someone subbed OTR.
    I dont know much abt Korean culture, does they really say bad things abt foreign teachers? o_O
    I cant understand why.

  28. ahboo replied:

    ah ok i get it now lol. i only use FF when uploading videos to youtube xD your blog looks perfectly fine on FF. bleh IE hates me T.T

    oh yea i forgot to answer your qns. in the dashboard area, click on users (top right hand corner) and then your username. you can edit your profile there =)

  29. caheobeo replied:

    Hahaha IE doesnt hate you, IE hates WP lol
    I tried it some times, and in website area I put the link to my blog in, but it stills take me to s-u-j-u.net lol. Dunno why really!
    btw i dunno that you are from Singapore? OMG that means you know both English and Chinese? Hahaha I’m jealous, I cant study Chinese. It’s too hard >”<

  30. dennis replied:

    Yep ..its true !!!

    I read a few foreign english teachers blogs ,and they say that Korean media says bad ,untrue stuff about them like they smoke drugs ,bring Aids etc.

    English teachers that teach english there actually are pretty good guys .They not criminals or drunks like Korean media claims.

    Even though Korea is pretty developed country, its still considered a hermit kingdom by many ESL english teachers.

    i like Koreans ,but they need to be a little bit more open to foreigners ,i think .

    so..did you read Off The Rec 5 episode translation in comments section ???

    Anyway ..thanks for reading my long comments .

    i like your blog !!!

  31. dennis replied:

    And i like Hyori too.

  32. caheobeo replied:

    You know, Korea is in Asia. And Asian tends to fear foreigners. They think that these bulky guys can bring bad things. And Asian almost have internal life, which is not noisy and too busy like life in Europe. They appreciate their tradition. And in their tradition, girls have to marry guys inside their country, even inside their city.
    So you just have to think that it’s only few negative ppl.
    In Vietnam, we are really hospitable 🙂
    You can hear that from everyone has come to Vietnam. I myself have some foreigner teachers too, and they are extremely beloved ‘cuz they are nice and friendly hahaha.

  33. caheobeo replied:

    Oh I forgot one thing 🙂
    I’m too busy so I still didnt read the traslation yet 😛
    And another thing is…
    Hahaa you like my blog and I like your comments 🙂
    You know, i’m very glad to see my visitors leaving comm ‘cuz I feel like ppl know my effort and it’s not a waste.
    And the main reason I set up this blog is to spread Hyori love and make friends with others Hyori’s fans. If no one talks to me, i will be really disappointed and maybe close it soon 😦

  34. dennis replied:

    Don’t close please !!!!!!!!!

    Hyori does have many fans ,but also haters .

    You know ..Popseoul bashes her nonstop there ,but the best thing is to ignore haters and focus on her fans.

    Do you know Popseoul blog ? its awful !!

    they constantly say bad things about lovely Hyori !!
    i dont like people who hate Hyori !!

  35. dennis replied:

    I hope you did not visit Popseoul blog . Dont visit ,because commenters are bad and nasty there.

    They are bunch of fuckers and retards.
    also @ K POP .com blog is the same .

    i dont get why there are so many people who dislike Hyori
    at those stupid blogs.
    ,and the thing is ,some of these fuckers delete comments.
    i guess Hyori can’t please everyone.

  36. dennis replied:

    I defended Hyori few times from those idiots ,but they too dumb/stupid to understand that .

    I dont get why those blogs attract so many bad ,evil people ???

    I don’t visit those stupid blogs like Popseoul anymore ,cause they bunch of baboons who complain about Korean celebs looks ,sexiness etc.

  37. ahboo replied:

    yeah i’m from sg xD other than english and chinese, i did other languages too^^ but it’s a pity that i won’t be able to use em here as not everyone speaks the language >_>

  38. Mer.Soo replied:

    Lovely Pig Fish
    Davichi ft hyori, plz


  39. dennis replied:

    Hey wats good !!!

    Caheobeo wats your favorite Hyo song ????

    Do you really live in Vietnam ???

  40. dennis replied:

    few Hyolee’s photos..

  41. ??????? replied:


  42. dennis replied:


  43. dennis replied:

    Can i post her photos in red dress -that she attended at Miss Freds promotion ?

  44. caheobeo replied:

    You can post any of her photos 🙂

  45. dennis replied:

  46. dennis replied:

    Hyolee’s pics..

  47. dennis replied:

    more Hyolee..

  48. dennis replied:

    more Hyolees..

  49. dennis replied:

    Do you check HyoleeWorld site..or Asian Fanatics,-they have tons of fresh new pictures of her.

    i look at her pictures everyday- i am obsessed with her.
    Hyori is gorgeous ..she has beautiful figure .

    I heard i rumor ,that she slept with Bi Rain ..is it true ?/

    i dont believe that-she’s good girl .

  50. dennis replied:

    Anyway..Hyori is a very good girl.

    i wish her happiness .

    do you know her email ????

  51. Ch0p5t1ckB01 replied:

    Hey! Just found your site from Soompi, and I’m already loving it! Keep up the good work on up’ing HQ Hyori Vids!
    Just a small request, would you be able to up all of “Off the record” eps, right from the start? I’ve watched them on youtube already, but I would prefer HQ or non flv format.

  52. caheobeo replied:

    @Dennis: Hyori DIDNT sleep with Bi.
    Of course I cant know her email.
    I am living in Vietnam. What’s with that btw?
    My fav is Remember me, I guess. I didnt really think about it before.
    I check SF, too. Thanks 🙂
    And if you wanna post pics or chat with me, come to “About me” page pls, this page is for request only 😉

  53. caheobeo replied:

    @Mer: I will send you the Vietsubbed link 😀
    @Ch0p5t1ckB01: I think I will do that 🙂

  54. giulialicious replied:

    Hi, I can’t go back to your old entries.

  55. mrle replied:

    Hi there, your blog is amazing.
    I have a blog about Asian Movies. May I add you as my affiliate?

    my blog —> http://amnhacfan.blogspot.com

  56. caheobeo replied:

    @giulialicious: press the button “older entries” at the end of the front page. 😉
    @Mrle: yes you can. I’ll add you, too. Btw r u Vietnamese? I think your blog’s name is âm nhạc fan.

  57. mrle replied:

    Thank you for adding my blog :]
    yes…I’m Vietnamese and I think you’re Viet too right?

  58. giulialicious replied:

    Thank you, but somehow it didn’t appear at all :S
    But now it’s all right!

  59. caheobeo replied:

    @MrLe: yes I’m Vietnamese. Can you speak Vietnamese?
    @giulialicious: Thank God it’s fine now!

  60. YAN_4ever replied:

    Trời thì ra CAHEOBEO cũng là người Việt Nam. Mới đầu YAN cứ tưởng người nước ngoài hun. 😀

    Nice to meet you.

  61. giulialicious replied:

    I don’t know if it’s only my problem, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. (I meant the “older entries” button.) uhm

  62. caheobeo replied:

    Nobody told me a problem like that.. maybe it’s your problem. No idea though 😦
    Use this link to view older entries if the button doesnt show up, replace the number to see other pages 🙂
    Hope this will help!

  63. caheobeo replied:

    @YAN: Uh tớ là người VN chính gốc đây 🙂
    Sao lại nghĩ tớ là người nước ngoài? 😛
    YAN thì tớ biết lâu rồi, nổi tiếng quá mà 😉

  64. Ch0p5t1ckB01 replied:

    Hey caheobeo, seems like the pw that was provided for OTR10 doesn’t work. I’ve tried it several times, even the generic one that you have in “read me” section, it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  65. caheobeo replied:

    I’ll check it.

  66. caheobeo replied:

    Sorry I checked, and it is still fine. 😦
    Dunno why, could you pls check your parts? Maybe one got error when downloading?

  67. giulialicious replied:

    ok, thanks for your patience 😀

  68. Ch0p5t1ckB01 replied:

    Hmm ok, i’ll redownload and see. Thanks for the quick reply.

  69. caheobeo replied:

    Let me know if you can extract it or not!

  70. dennis replied:

    You listen to Hip-Hop ??

    like 2Pac ,50 Cent etc ?

  71. caheobeo replied:

    I don’t really listen to any other kinds of music except Kpop and Jpop Mostly Kpop. Abt hip-hop, I love Epik High 🙂

  72. dennis replied:

    I like Korean Hip-Hop ,i used to like American one,but no longer. New school Hip Hop is wack not as good as Old school .

    2Pac or (Tupaq ) was pretty good American rapper ,but he got shot in 1996 .
    50 Cent is stupid ,so i dont listen to that f..k !!!
    Korean rappers like Drunken Tiger ,Epic High are cool !!

    Check out some of these rappers ,if you into rap ..

  73. Question replied:

    I found super sexy/beautiful pic of Hyori .

  74. dennis replied:

    Oh sorry i mistakenly put wrong name (question )above ..

  75. dennis replied:

    very beautiful indeed !!!!!!!!!

  76. dennis replied:

  77. dennis replied:

  78. dennis replied:

    She’s very beautiful indeed .

    All her photos look nice ,i hope you liked these photos that i posted here Chahebeo ????

    Good luck !!!

  79. caheobeo replied:

    Hey Dennis! I’ve made a sharing page, take a look ^^

  80. Amanda replied:

    hi! thnx so much for uploading all the “off the rec” episodes~! erm I was wondering would u happen to know any good hyori clubboxes?? I tried FinklData’s clubbox but doesn’t seem to work anymore >__<

  81. caheobeo replied:

    I am using finkldata clubbox. It does work! Try again pls! Any sorry I dont know other good ones for Hyori 😦

  82. j0yc3 replied:

    helooo.. i am new comer.. wanna ask u smt.. i dld hyolee Off the Rec ep.11 .. after finish cannot extract.. de winrar say error wrong pass .. but i know de pass .. should be correct.. can help me ? plzz..

  83. caheobeo replied:

    the pw is caheobeo.wordpress.com
    without any space, just be careful when copy and paste 🙂

  84. celine replied:

    hi! 😀 i was wondering if you could upload the super junior dream concert 2008 mner performance of don’t don..? 😀 just in case you have it with you.. 😀

    thank you!

  85. caheobeo replied:

    uhm I think it’s not out yet. Or it was? Pls let me know if it was out.

  86. kim replied:

    hello, what program (i’m on a mac computer btw) can i use to watch a .tp file? sorry, if you’ve already answered this… i couldn’t seem to find the answer on your blog or in the password? link. i just downloaded sjh on musicbank and can’t wait to watch it! thanks! 🙂

  87. caheobeo replied:

    I dont know much abt Mac computer, but could you try the VLC for Mac here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html
    tell me if that doesnt work!

  88. celia replied:

    i was wondering when you would be able to upload hyori’s off the record ep 12.

  89. caheobeo replied:

    oh you want that?
    ok I’ll up. Thought that no body wants that anymore 😛

  90. celia replied:

    hahahha, how could nobody want that?
    it’s hyori, plus it completes the off the rec series, LOL

  91. Denis/poplee replied:

    Soompi banned me from Lee Hyori thread !!!
    i am so sad .What should i do ?

    I called the moderator Edward1849 the Pig and swear at him. Do you think it was fair ?
    i registered under many accounts ,and my 5 or 6 accounts got suspended .

  92. Denis/poplee replied:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me ,but i got banned from Popseoul ,The Grand Narrative ,and Soompi etc.
    I just get crazy sometimes ,that’s all .
    Every body always banes or suspends my accounts .
    i guess i am rude person .But i am not a bad person .Just when i get angry i swear and break things.I broke my VCR once ,and remote control .I also made hole in door .Maybe i am crazy ..lol !!

  93. Denis/poplee replied:

    And please don’t scold me .You’re good girl Caheobeo !
    i just need to learn how to control myself more .

    Do you get angry ? and when you angry ,do you break or destroy things ?

  94. Denis/poplee replied:

    Last thing ,i still love Hyori !!
    sorry for my long ass posts .

    Piece boo …

  95. Phat replied:

    Hello, i’m new comer…
    I download “Change with Ock Ju Hyun 2008” but it’s cannot extract.
    winrar say error wrong pass .. pass is caheobeo.wordpress.com?
    I don’t copy and paste! should be correct..
    help me plzz..

  96. Msunrise replied:

    Sorry for askin this but is anybody else having trouble posting in this section? My posts don’t seem to show up =/

  97. Msunrise replied:

    Nvm, I guess it’s workin now =P

    Thanks for all the vids! I appreciate all the work you put into uploading them =)

    Do you happen to have a high quality version of Hyori and Ock Ju Hyun’s G-market commercial?

    Apologies for the previous post, my last post wasn’t appearing a few hours ago.

  98. caheobeo replied:

    @Dennis: I’m very busy recently so i cant keep up with soompi. actuallyy i disappeared in hyori’s thread. i only post to share files so i dont know abt your incident.
    but i think you should not swear the mod. if you want to come back, explain to him/her.
    everyone gets angry, but not everyone swears and breaks things.
    when you feel angry, just close your eyes for a minute, then go to take a cool water, and drink! get away from what made you angry, think abt plesant things. After you calm down, try to think abt it from another point of view. Maybe you can control yourself 😛

  99. caheobeo replied:

    @Phat: press ctrl+A in that post and you’ll see the pw.
    @Msunrise: sorry I dont have. I couldnt find it anywhere. I only have a 320×240 ver. But it’s rather clear. If you still want, tell me. 🙂
    and abt your posts, it’s an automatic feature of spam management. it catches posts contain links. I recovered your posts, hope you dont mind ‘cuz there are many spammers here o_O.
    they just post links to advertise smt o_O

  100. Msunrise replied:

    I see, thanks for the heads up. Yeah I’d like that version of the CF =). Also could you re-up “Hyolee – Anycall SCH-V420 30s ver.”? Thank you so much! =)

  101. Denis/poplee replied:

    @Caheobeo thank you for your kind words.
    when did you discover Hyolee ?
    and how ?
    and how do you respond to people that hate Hyolee ?

  102. caheobeo replied:

    @Msunrise: ok i’ll up.
    @Dennis: I discovered Hyolee by accident 😛
    that time I saw her Anyclub MV and I was like WOWWWWWWWWWW…. lol
    I dont care ppl hate her, it’s just their hobby. IF everyone loves her, so who will be fans for other artists? 🙂
    But if they bash her, I wont let them go!

  103. sheepie replied:

    Can i request for that HOT TRAILER of hyorish that was leaked? hehehe~

    and hello, i left a comment in your post very very long ago, not sure if you could remember,its a letter from someone? and i said linked your site. you asked me whats my site?

    well, my site is just my personal blog, so i dont think it’s worth to you to link. HAHA, but i dont mind letting u know, it’s er, yea click my name.^^ keep up the good work! love here, just a pity that i dont understand korean YET. haha

  104. caheobeo replied:

    Hi ^^
    I remembered you! 😀
    You commented in my post about my friend P. I see you are more active in Boo’s blog hahah…
    I visit your blog, and i dont think it’s worthy or not, friend is just friend! 🙂
    but it’s your personal blog so i think i’d better not list it in my blogroll 😛
    and i wanna say: CONGRATULATION on your wedding lol..

    and to answer your ques, that HOT TRAILER, I cant find any HQ of it. 😦
    all we can do now is wait 😦
    I’ll share immediately when i find it!

  105. sheepie replied:

    muahahaha, that wedding thing is such a joke! -.-
    Yeap,haha, for a while, i forgot to come here~ ^^
    Im sure i’d be more active here from now on, erm, maybe after my exams~ HAHAHAHAA…

    shall wait tgt!!! =D

  106. caheobeo replied:

    Good luck for your exams 🙂
    *keep my figures crossed*
    I’m downloading a new files of Hyori, dunno what it is yet, and it is running at 0kb/s o_O

  107. Claudia_Me replied:

    Hi dear thanks 4 sharing all of those videos…U Rock…but I have a question I download some of the file u uploaded with the .ra formate but I couldn’t open them I tried with Real player Alternative and real player Gold Ver.11….I always perefer .avi files but how can I open those files??

  108. caheobeo replied:

    you have to extract .rar files using winrar. Install winrar, right-click at the file, choose etract here. Enter the password, and after extracting you have the .avi file which can play in most media players.

    for information abt the password read this: https://caheobeo.wordpress.com/read-me/

  109. dennis replied:

    IS HYORI taller than you ???
    she’s 5’3” or 5’5” inches .

  110. ohh replied:

    I already downloaded Made in Hyolee DVD – Performance
    but I can’t find the password. Umm I’ve already read
    the information about password. You siad that “except for some special ones, password will be in the post itself”.But I still can’t find it. Help me please!!!T_T

  111. caheobeo replied:

    haha you misundertood me 😛

    Password for rar/zip files is caheobeo.wordpress.com except for some special ones, password will be in the post itself. I will mark these posts with *. Non of my pw contains a space. Remember that and be careful when copy and paste.

    ~~~~~~> i mean almost every files has the pw:caheobeo.wordpress.com

    files with the mark * at the beginning has different passwords.
    but i rarely use other passwords 😀
    anyway Made in Hyolee DVD – Performance has the pw:caheobeo.wordpress.com

  112. Paul replied:

    if it’s not too much trouble, could you upload the latest episode of family outing?

  113. eve_wu replied:

    where i can find
    Invincible Lee Hyori, Don’t Cry & U-Go-Girl @ M!Countdown (2008-07-24)
    can you upload that?
    thanks alot

  114. caheobeo replied:

    I think you can find it at Boo’s blog: http://ahboo.wordpress.com/

    I will upload but maybe after Boo’s one. ‘cuz i am finding .tp one 😛

  115. eve_wu replied:

    do you know where clubbox
    i can find Invincible Lee Hyori, Don’t Cry & U-Go-Girl @ M!Countdown (2008-07-24)video file….
    like http://ahboo.wordpress.com/ did?
    i tried find at wackycashew,KoreanEnt, mandyquyen, Kalena85, and finkldata(i dont know the languange), and i didn’t get any…

    by the way
    what .tp/.ts kind of file….i know is super HQ but can it render to dvd?

  116. caheobeo replied:

    Boo encoded her files herself 🙂
    i think Boo is going to upload that, or if you wanna the best quality you can wait for me lol…

    tp/ts is uncompressed/raw file. Yes it’s SHQ!
    and you mean can you use tp file to burn/make DVD?
    if that i think you can.

  117. eve_wu replied:

    can you upload hyori in SBS inkigayo 080727, when hyori win…and no cut show at the end of show..i mean i hear after win she still sing u go girl one again…

  118. Nang replied:

    Question..Im having major problems trying to extract the files for Change with Ock Ju Hyun, it keeps saying wrong password. I tried pw as caheobeo.wordpress.com i kno theres 5 parts am i suppose to join them then extract??

  119. Nang replied:

    Could you upload more episodes of Lee Hyori’s Off The Rec??!

  120. ashlee replied:

    hi caheobeo
    I’m ashlee from soompi.
    I read the comments above
    you said you sent merlz some links with Vietsubbed
    what is that? can you send it to me,too

    btw, have you the link of Off the record , I mean the other eps of Off the record , or can you upload it please?
    my last question, do you have any link of the translation of Off the record……..

    thank you un advance, love you……
    cam on nhieu caheobeo

  121. caheobeo replied:

    ^Nang: use the PW:support.hyolee.unnie
    which ep of the OTR do you want?
    sorry maybe you have to wait a little b/c I’m so busy now with all the updates of Hyori.
    ^Ashlee: yeah that’s the Vietsubbed video for Davichi’s MV- the one Hyori starred.
    you know in viet nam, there are many subbing team. if you wanna know more, I can PM you @ soompi, when soompi can be accessed T___T
    abt the OTR, my answer is the same as above.
    and I dont have any translation of them 😦

  122. caheobeo replied:

    ^eve_wu: what a pity the encore perf, i mean the perf she performed again after she got the award wasnt broadcasted.
    yeah they cut it off.

  123. Nang replied:

    If possible could you upload eps 1-7 of OTR? if you can, take your time. thanks a bunch!!

  124. eve_wu replied:

    can i request
    2007.05.13 fans meeting+Dream Girl Hyolee
    thank you

  125. caheobeo replied:

    I dont have that, sorry 😦

  126. eve_wu replied:

    so sad…because i found at
    it’sounds good…
    i think…it’s like hyori ft sg wanabe mini concert..

  127. caheobeo replied:

    ok take your time ^^~

  128. eve_wu replied:

    oya caheobeo….this is not request..i just want to talking with you…you know..as hyori fans lover i didn’t want to miss anything about her performance..
    and then there is some part that i miss it…
    Hyori MBC Core 080802 10 minutes, Hyori MBC Core 080802 was pre-recorded an airing at 080809.. Do you know that…But Hyori also sing 10 minutes. You can see with the FanCam DV. Maybe Hyori sing an old song and MBC not aired that (i was thinking about that).. But i found there is another artist sing an old song too..Like Big bang lies-did’nt aired too, but look at this http://cutegiurl.wordpress.com/2008/08/10/clip-08-01-08-so-hot-this-time-on-ulsan-summer-festival/
    oh….they found WG when sing tell me.. If so, i’m sure that Hyori 10 minutes performance MBC broadcast exist. but still can’t found yet.. MBC core 080802=MBC 080809=MBC Ulsan Festival…are similiar..some of them called MBC ulsan 080801 too..My friend redevilica from cashewmania uploaders also try to find that file. because she’s also confused about MBC 080802 that time…It’s so strange, why MBC cut their performance like that. She’s try to contact the other uploaderz too…That’s all. Sorry long letter. The End..ahahahahaaa

  129. caheobeo replied:

    well, I got what you mean..
    i’m also wondering abt that..
    my opinion is: MBC cut that show to only 40 minutes, so maybe they’ll air the REST perf next time. B/c of the Olympic, you know..
    guess so, and hope so haha…

  130. ozk replied:

    do you have a HQ of her birthday performance on mnet (slave)? this one… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo14-idZkig

    great site!

  131. caheobeo replied:

    Noone has..
    if yes, maybe only Mnet b/c that birthday party is pivate 😦

  132. eve_wu replied:

    oh caheobeo…do you still remember that i ever request
    2007.05.13 fans meeting+Dream Girl Hyolee before..
    I finished download that,and it’s hyori birthday party that Mnet arrange to her in 2007. i have that torrent, do you want it?

  133. eve_wu replied:

    ooppsss..i forget to give this…

    it’s the cover/pics..

  134. caheobeo replied:

    oh yes pls give me xD

  135. eve_wu replied:

    here is the file torrent

  136. caheobeo replied:

    thank you i’m downloading right now xD

  137. Star501 replied:

    did u have 2008.08.28 M.NET M!COUNTDOWN full performance
    i mean No-Cut version ~~

  138. lilvy1025 replied:

    caheobebo can you upload d show that Hyori dad was invite to the show n talking about his daughter story

  139. caheobeo replied:

    do you know the name of the show?
    btw, i dont take request anymore, but if you know its name, i’ll give a try

  140. lilvy1025 replied:

    it Star Life Story here a cut from d show

  141. iitsvics replied:

    Hello. 😉 I’m not sure if this goes here. LOL.
    But anyways, can you add me to your blogroll?
    I’ll add you to mine–it’s got hyori videos as well.


  142. pholix replied:

    *Como diria Alfie “so arquivo porco”


  143. caheobeo replied:

    I added you, welcome ^^~

  144. bumble replied:

    i`m new visitin` yehr site.
    i was wondering if u cud help me with downloading yehr videos.
    i had downloaded one… but all i got was the audio…
    i played in winamp n in windows media player…
    if u cud plz help me.
    i wanna see junjins episode already.=]
    thanku in advance.

  145. caheobeo replied:

    what did you download? 😛
    is it a AVI or TP file?

  146. SC replied:

    Hey there! I just found your site and I really like it. Just wondering if you can find these music videos.I’ve been searching everywhere for them but can only find low quality versions. It’s Kim Ji Eun – Tell Me Just Once and the second video is called Kim Ji Eun – Rain. Thank you so much if you can find them.

  147. ady replied:

    i have download file “CAHEOBEO Hyolee – AnyClub Part 2MV.rar”
    but this request password
    please tell me the password
    becase i have enter password “caheobeo.wordpress.com” but its stillnot working as well

  148. caheobeo replied:

    it really works!
    be careful when copy and paste 🙂

  149. darkvnn replied:

    Do you know about “2008 MKMF Vote”? I see it in lee-hyolee.blogspot.com, but i can’t register acc on mnet to vote our unie (>_<). If you can’t, plz help me.

  150. Hyori Fan replied:

    1. Can you upload/Do you have Hyori Lee’s 080726 performance?
    It’s my 2nd favorite U Go Girl performance and youtube’s quality is horrendous. It’s this one if you’re not sure which performance I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF2nb4OCg20&fmt=18
    I really really want a fairly good quality one in .avi NOT .tp because I love this performance sooo much. It’s so cool how she changes and her cheerleading outfit and makeup are so cute 😀 This goes on to my next request/question:

    2. I don’t like .tp videos because they have weird lines when I play it and also most players don’t recognize .tp and I’d never heard of it until today so it makes it hard if I need to covert the file or maybe burn to a DVD (i used to be able to do that.. somehow) 😥
    Look at these stupid lines!!! for my favorite performance 080816:

    It makes it very unpleasant to watch and I end up watching the 30 MB version instead :\

    So I was kinda wondering why you do use .tp

    and if you could

    3. find a 080816 U Go Girl performance that’s good quality .avi??? I loveeeeeeeeeee this performance. I mean I’ll have you know that I watch these videos like EVERY DAY 😮

    I’ve been constantly watching the Hyori videos you’ve uploaded for like over one month!!!! Seriously I love U Go Girl and Hey Mr. Big so much. I learned U go girl and part of mr big and toc toc toc’s dances. Hyori’s so charismatic and pretty and she’s a great dancer and such a sweetie and i love those 3 songs 8DDDDDDDDD sighhh. I wish either I knew her in real life or that I WAS her 🙂 No but really thank you thank you your videos make me so fuckin happy.

  151. Hyori Fan replied:

    oh yeah and if you wanna reply or something- not sure how wordpress works because I don’t have a wordpress account or whatever, you can email me at jrockisgood@gmail.com :DDDDDD

  152. Hyori Fan replied:

    I meant


  153. Hyori Fan replied:

    Wow I’m demanding O_____O
    Sorry sorry sorry but
    is expired.

    WHYYY must my favorite performances all be messed up??? (I haven’t decided what my fav Mr Big perf is, so I don’t know if that one’s messed up ;O ahahah)

    Yes, you guessed it. This is my favorite Toc Toc Toc concert, the 2007 dream concert one.

    Pleaaase? 😀

  154. nadrah replied:

    i cant download any files currently, so may i know where to watch family outing episode 8? pls reply as soon as possible. please. n tnx 🙂

  155. caheobeo replied:

    ^ SC: I often dont share non Hyori and Kim Jong Kook related files, sorry..

    ^darkvnn: the vote is closed already..

    ^ Hyori Fan:
    1. https://caheobeo.wordpress.com/2008/09/29/hyori-u-go-girl-080726/
    this is the one you need, in AVI. Pls use the Search box on your right hand first ok? 😉
    2. Like I said many times, I use TP b/c I wanna share the best quality I have, and it’s full HD. You have those lines b/c you dont use the right player (you should use the KM Player or the Media Player Classic and upgrade your codecs) or your computer is too slow (get a new one is the only choice this time lol..). Or if you end up failing at both, you can convert it into AVI :). I only share AVI when I dont have the TP one, I’m too busy sorry..
    3. I uploaded that one, too but in TP. So .. 😛

    and that Toc Toc Toc perf at Dream Concert 2007 belongs to Pholix oppa and he’s currently off right now so.. Sorry I dont have it 😦

    ^ nadrah: SBS dont let us upload their videos on youtube so, i dont know 😦

  156. darkvnn replied:

    Can you continue upload Off The Rec show,plz?

  157. MOLILY replied:

    I’ve already download “489mb – Hyolee – Anystar MV ft. Lee Jun Ki & Park Bom” but i can’t see

    it’s not support all kind of vdo player
    It said ‘not find codec’
    it’s .avi or ??

    Can you help me plz??
    Ps. Can I request ?? OFF THE REC ep.2,5,6,7 (^ ^)

    BIG THANKS !! I love your site!!!

    • caheobeo replied:

      you have to extract using WINRAR, read the PASSWORD page for more info

  158. Hyori Fan replied:

    OH MY GOD thank you for filling my request #1/giving me the link. I’m so so happy!! sorry I didn’t know about the search box. I thought I went through all your posts (manually), and I couldn’t find it.

  159. darkvnn replied:

    @MOLILY: You can use K-Lite Megacodec to watch that MV http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_lite_codec_pack.htm

  160. Hyori Fan replied:

    Eeeeeeee!! Thank you so much. I just downloaded the Media player classic and it works. There are so many more videos I want to download, now that it works 😀 Yay yay yay. The only thing is, I have like 700 MB left of space on my harddrive. Crap. But yeah. yay!

  161. kirby replied:

    anyway you can upload Off The Rec ep. 2, 5, 6, 7, and reupload 8 ?

    your help and sharing is greatly appreciated 🙂

    • caheobeo replied:

      I dont have them anymore, I asked my friend to help me so it depends on her, sorry 😦

  162. MOLILY replied:

    Thank you!

    Can you reupload
    – Making Black Bean Therapy CF2
    – Making Black Bean Shape Mnet Wide News (08.04.14)

    – (16.04.07)School Of Rock
    – (15.02.07) Hey! Hey! Hey! show(full)
    I heard that they visited her room..

    Ps. I want Off the Rec too but if you don’t have anymore, its ok.. anyways, THZ!

    Sorry for many request
    Happy to see you here again ^^

    • caheobeo replied:

      thanks for all your kind words 🙂
      I think I did rather well 😛
      @MOLILY: uhm I said I only accepted requests for new files that I missed when I was off. Anyway, if noone request, I’ll consider re-upload smt 🙂

  163. Hyori Fan replied:

    Ohh!! Um, this https://caheobeo.wordpress.com/2008/04/24/change-with-big-bang-2008-04/
    the first link is okay but the others are gone and this isn’t on youtube,k so.. please? 😀

    • caheobeo replied:

      Well then! I can not promise you b/c I have many things to upload now, but I will try to do that for you. Just a little bit late 😛

  164. DZL replied:

    Hi 1st time here!!
    Just wanna ask which software did u use to convert the size of the FO files? I really need to convert mine right now since I have subbing work to do and I really don’t like the video to be stretched. Could u please help me^^?
    Thanks so much!!

  165. DZL replied:

    Thanks caheobeo^^

  166. kjk & yeh replied:

    Sis Caheobeo ^^

    can i request kjk MV “saying i love you” in HQ, and the making “saying i love you too” i try download but it said the link is unavailable with the MV its love is unavailable too…
    thank you sis
    God Bless you

  167. caheobeo replied:

    ah pls list all your request here! i will try to re-up as much as i can

  168. lilvy1025 replied:

    Caheo do you have the making Biothem CF of Lee Hyori and Daniel Henney

    • caheobeo replied:

      i think i have but it’s LQ so i didnt upload it

  169. lilvy1025 replied:

    ^^^please upload it, that CF making video is precious now cause i can’t find it anywhere even youtube delete it

  170. eve_wu replied:

    dolp…can i ask, how to convert .tp/.ts to avi?
    like ahboo did and you did, or .mkv to .avi?
    because i like .avi, but some of my files are .tp/.ts and cannot watched them well(so slow), and i think you are master of converting ……hahahahahaaa….

    • caheobeo replied:

      unfortunately i am not lol..
      i think you can use anyvideo converter, it’s quite easy to use. Go google it~ 🙂

  171. TrangMin replied:

    sis =)) Ur Utube channel is the SapphireJunior08 =)) =))

    • caheobeo replied:

      oh i forgot, it’s SapphireJunior10 now right? @_@

  172. TrangMin replied:

    yep yep xD

  173. TrangMin replied:

    and wat about kara stuffs xD

  174. tastegud replied:

    This might seem like a REALLY silly question but…

    Do you know how much Hyori has had cosmetic surgeries?
    I hate hearing people saying that she is over rated because she had too much. But then, they are the people who don’t know much about her, just seen her once or twice on TV or something. I only know of her nose one, and I thought that was all :S …she even had an X-Ray on her chest, and it’s all real.
    Is there something else I should know?…

    • caheobeo replied:

      sorry for the late reply. i’ve been too busy~
      first, according to what we (fans and entertaining industry ppl) know, i can tell you that she doesnt have any plastic surgeries. abt her nose incident, when Shin Dong Yup asked her to make a nose pig, she joked she couldnt b/c of the plastic surgery and everyone laughed. In the end she actually DID it, you can see it here: http://www.shenyuepop.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/214435_191145174_ajybjolk.jpg
      she just did it for fun but ppl took advantage of that and blew it up. they actually cut the fact at the end (that she did the nose pig) and only spread the 1st half of the story. So that’s it!
      abt her chest, many ppl make rumors that her chest is fake (b/c of its nice figure). she usually doesnt care abt them and just ignore them but that time, the rumor went too far/big. she had to do smt to stop that so on her Off The Rec show, she had to visit the doctor b/c of a small accident, she asked him to have a X-Ray. You knew the last already 🙂
      last, there are really many many rumors abt her out there. She’s a superstar so she has many fans but also many haters. They make up many stories. Dont be infected by them. you like her right? that’s all you have to know!
      Hope my answer helps 😉
      and thanks for all the comments, i love reading them 😀

  175. Hyori Fan replied:

    Hey Caheobeo honey, I’ve actually wanted to see this perf for like since October, but I never got around to actively searching for it. It’s also kinda hard now because your photobucket crashed. Maybe someone was hotlinking the files? 😦
    Yeah, well here’s a screenshot of what she’s wearing, hopefully you know what I’m talking about? http://img252.imageshack.us/my.php?image=whathyorileeperfisthistv8.png
    Don’t you think she’s cute? 😀

    I hope you can tell what performance it is, or direct me to the link. Thank you!!!

    Oh, and I read a post you made a long long time ago about being sad that no one comments, and how you said you were here to make Hyori friends. Awww sorry people really do care ❤ and I also feel sad that not many people like Hyori. When I search for videos of her on Youtube there’s like nothing, and then for these other 2 artists that I love right now, there’s EVERYTHING! :\

    • caheobeo replied:

      @Hyori Fan: yeah actually i uploaded it here: https://caheobeo.wordpress.com/2008/08/01/hyolee-u-go-girl-mcountdown-comeback-080724/
      yeah ppl keep hot linking my pics T_T. My account will come back to normal just in few days, so dont worry~

      yeah still now there’s few commentors. i wish there are more 😦
      sometimes i want to share more but they really make me bored @_@
      i know there’s not many videos of her on youtube so i am uploading more on my youtube channel. Visit me when you have time 😉

  176. Hyori Fan replied:

    Oh about what Tastegud said, why do people keep saying she xrayed her chest to prove it’s real?? Where’s the proof she did that, or is it just a rumor? lol I’m curious too.

  177. Hyori Fan replied:

    Nevermind! I found it from ahboo on wordpress. It was 080724 🙂 Thank you!! I think you uploaded it but they linked to you?

  178. tastegud replied:

    That’s the proof. Go watch the episode yourself if you don’t believe it 😉 She has real breasts.

    By the way Caheobeo, do you have anymore of Hyori’s Comebacks? Like from MNet and MBC and stuff? 🙂 Youtube quality ftl 😦

  179. dzlinh0405 replied:

    Hello again^^
    I want to request you for Off The Rec episodes, can you upload all the episodes please? I can’t find the download link anywhere but in your blog.
    Thank you!

    • caheobeo replied:

      ah sorry i was too busy that i couldnt manage to upload anymore of them. i’ll try to upload asap 😦

  180. kpopasia replied:

    sry to trouble, can i request you to change kpopasia banner url?

    Name : Kpopasia
    Link : http://kpopasia.wordpress.com
    Image link : http://f.imagehost.org/view/0942/kpopasialogo1

    Thax ^^

  181. tastegud replied:

    Zomg caheobeo noona!!
    You don’t have Toc Toc Toc MV 😥
    Hahah I only just released after searching for ages hahah
    Oh and Remember me MV? Or was it called something different… It’s so late at night I can’t remember ><

  182. Ada replied:

    could i request the 10 minutes video plz ? i wouldn’yt be bothering you if i hadn’t thoroughly searched everywhere else … you just can’t find it anymore for download . if you had time to tend to my request it would be great.
    regardless, i’d still like to thank you for all the awsome videos posted especially the davinchi one .

  183. Hyori Fan replied:

    Sorry to ask again, but does Pholix oppa have the Hyori Dream Concert file? cuz you said he was busy or something.. and that was hecka months ago iin Nov so yeah hehe is he still busy? 🙂

    • caheobeo replied:

      he’s still busy. anyway, i’ll pass your ques to him and if he cant upload it, i’ll find it for you 😉

  184. hien replied:

    can I find vietsub there?

  185. tastegud replied:

    Hey do you have the U-Go-Girl MV with Big Bang instead of Nassun or something? My friend was like: Have you see it? And I got immediately interested lol ><

    • caheobeo replied:

      yeah i have. that’s a fanmade video. you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvG9E8ihmEs
      sorry i cant upload it b/c the original uploader didnt accept re-upload.
      btw there’s also a Haru Haru MV feat Hyori but in LQ, too 😦

      edit: lol i didnt notice your reply, Hyori Fan

  186. Hyori Fan replied:

    Hey tatstegud, are you talking about the faked/edited one? It’s not actually Big Bang’s voices, they just changed the video. It looks really cool though.

  187. Jenn replied:

    hi caheobeo,
    I dled Hyori: Star Life Story and really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for uploading that video. But I noticed that it was a two week episode and it says that part two is coming soon. But it was posted in 2008. So I was wondering if you can upload the second part.

  188. shinhw4_girl replied:

    hii…. wow… ur blog are soooo wonderful ^^
    i’m fans of hyolee… i really like her.. she’s so sexy ^^

    btw, i having difficulity with MU… can some one re-upload via MF pliss???

    gomawo… (_ _)

  189. fafa replied:

    for da family outing, does it eng subbed or not?
    do you have the srt file?
    (ep 21 & 22)

  190. fafa replied:

    it’s ok….nway thanx!! 🙂

  191. bEauTi QUeeN replied:

    i luv ur site… can u please do Unrivaled Lee Hyori in mp3 also lee hyori- don’t cry in mp3 as well?
    pleeaassee~ thank u..

  192. bEauTi QUeeN replied:

    i luv ur site… can u please do hey mr big live, Unrivaled Lee Hyori live also lee hyori- don’t cry live in mp3 as well?
    im a huge fan of lee hyori n’ s0m 0f da fings i cnt get in mp3…..
    i wood b s000 gratefull…

  193. YiJin replied:


    Can u re-upload this CF Making: https://caheobeo.wordpress.com/2008/05/11/hyolee-making-black-bean-mnet-wide-news-080411/
    Thank u.

  194. nueng replied:

    I Want rigester Who Can Help mE PLEASE!!!

  195. Diromo replied:


    We are glad to inform you that our editors have added https://caheobeo.wordpress.com/ to the Hyori Lee Toplist: http://hyorilee.diromo.com/

    Currently your site is ranked at 12th place.
    If you would like to improve the position of your page you can place a voting button on your site.
    This will allow your visitors to cast their votes for your website.
    The voting code can be found here: http://hyorilee.diromo.com/code/

    Diromo Team

  196. Jessica Nguyen replied:

    i was wondering, what do you use to open the files? becuase i cant open them

    • caheobeo replied:

      KM Player or install K-lite codec pack (including Media Player Classic)

  197. le replied:

    i think Hyori was on Dangerous Invitation in 2004, if you have it please share. thanks.

  198. instantempo replied:

    Hi, i like your blog 😉 Not bad, really, not bad.

  199. instantempo replied:

    Hi, how can I contact you? Do you have an email, a facebook profile or something? I need to ask you something, if I may. thanks. in the meantime, have a nice day. -instantempo

  200. instantempo replied:

    Im sorry to ask again, but have you an email or something. I-d like to ask you a few things. it-s quite important. thanks /instantempo

  201. ToanNg replied:

    Bạn ui! Mình đang tìm mua lại album Dark Angel với poster album đó. Mà kím ko có website nào còn bán. Bạn có biết thì giúp mình nha. Thanks :X

  202. yun replied:

    I have visited your website, i liked it!!!

    But, i have a problem, i can’t downoload “hyolee making ocean world” here:

    If you help me i’ll be very happy.


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