S-B-S claims that all of the fancams are infringing materials 😐

Yes my account has been deleted. If they dont want people to share fancams, why let fans record them?

The funny part is they said if I believe I have the rights to the videos, I can submit a counter-notification, but how can I submit one if they dont let me access my account?

Ok, you got what you want!


June 9, 2010. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. youjuchan replied:

    arrggghhh not trueee!! ><;;; even fancams? Oo;; SO NOT COOL -.-;;
    maybe someone else could help? (i could send a notification on your behalf i.e.~ but dunno if it works that way?)
    I LOVE YT and all but.. even fancams.. -.-;;

    • caheobeo replied:

      I myself believe it’s not fair too.

      I’ll quote what they said: “If you did not have all of the rights to post the material at issue, you MUST NOT submit a counter-notification.”
      see? do you notice how they emphasized it? (I didnt capitalize any word, they did)

      Thank you for your kindness! I really love my account because I keep this username caheobeo everywhere, and I have many friends, subscriptions and such there but I dont want you to get into troubles 😦 so let’s just leave it that way. If they want that, ok I’ll give them that.

      I know I didnt say it this whole time but I really appreciate your comments. It’s nice seeing some comments other than just “Thank you” and I love that you actually read my rambling haha. And you chat with me even though you you dont download all the times. Again, I really appreciate seeing a long time visitor like you on my blog.

  2. youjuchan replied:

    How should they know its not YOUR fancam? Oo;; that’s why its called FANcam right, because a FAN recorded it to have a remembrance of an event ¬¬

    I think its no big deal if I write them (since I have two accounts, an old one, where i only posted like.. 2 vids or so, and an old one with ‘illegal,copyrighted’ vids XD) so I think even IF they suspend the old account I don’t really mind haha! So if you want me to write them I would do it rightaway ^^ There were times when youtube actually DID reopened an account so maybe it would help? ^^;;

    Awwwww~~~ 😀 I’m happy to make a blogger happy hahah XDD~ I’m happy to get replies too kekeke~ ^^ Since I used to have a blog as well I know how it makes one happy to read comments *lololol* It doesnt feel like one just talks to a wall or something XD And as a counterpart~ I really reaaallyyy appreciate your blogging and sharing ^o^ If it wasnt for you I think I wouldve never gotten into Hyori unnie 😀

    • caheobeo replied:

      Haha so I was right. I remembered first seeing your comments in Kim Jong Kook’s posts so I thought you like him. Recently you also comment in Hyori’s posts, did you begin liking here since the FO days? I see many people are fans of both Hyori and KJK during/after FO, but I’ve never met any that are fans of both of them BEFORE that (like me T^T) so I’m curious.
      Sometimes I have the feeling of talking to myself haha but I dont really think much about it. When she takes a break after this album promotion, I again will “disappear” lol.

      So maybe I’ll bother you writing to them? Even though I wont keep my hope too high. I think Codemonmon (if you even know him) said 3 of his old accounts are reopened. And obviously he did post many copyrighted videos. I remembered the first suspended account that shook the Kpop world was Alvin’s (coolsmurf if you know him, again haha). At that time there’s a biggggg wave of petitions and such against youtube but now it’s become so popular that people dont even care and just make a new account. I dont know if I am stupid or what but I couldnt register a new one yesterday so I had to use my super old old one that I even forget that I have it. Do you kind of need a Google account to make a youtube account?

      • youjuchan replied:

        OMG I can’t believe it! XDDD *kicks her laptop* Everythings gone ToT Long comment short~

        So what I actually wanted to say was that I knew and liked Hyori and KJK before FO, but as for Hyori I became a real fan because of FO (like.. following all of her activities and such) ^o^ But I actually started liking Hyori because of CHANGE (when she cried omo ;^;) and KJK because of XMan kekeke~

        So I’m gonna write them then 😉 Is there anything special you want to mention to them? Or shall I just write them and try to convince them? XD kekeke~

        And I dunno about the signing up cause I didnt sign up after all that google account thingy XD But I guess one will need an account now~ which is totally unnecessary imo XD!

      • caheobeo replied:

        Aww I like KJK from Xman too. I know Hyori a little later, around 2005 when she’s doing activities for Samsung Anycall. I fell in love with her after her Anyclub MV haha.
        About the Youtube thingy, just do as you like. Thank you again for that *kisses*

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