20100605 Kim Eun Jung’s Chocolate Performances

MU links added at the end of the post

  • 10 minutes
  • U-Go-Girl
  • Bring it Back
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Part1 Part2

Great perf! I always love seeing her perform 10 minutes. I absolutely adore her outfit by the way.


Bring it back

3 sexy ladies on stage? Oh God! Just hear the crowds!



MU links thanks to roseltv

10 minutes + UGG: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HSRR1XTJ
CCBB: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ERTI308C
BIB: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IHID2WK0

Finally the dance break is back. And I cant help staring at her abs [even though I’m straight >.<]

credit: icfinkl

Note: I will not upload the talk part.


June 9, 2010. 4minute, After School, Hyori, Performance.


  1. youjuchan replied:

    Hahaha XDD @last comment *rofl* Just like me XD
    and the 10 minute performance *o* She improved so much! *^* *proudproud*
    imma download it tomorrow kekekeke (totally need to sleep now XD)

    • caheobeo replied:

      Haha tt’s 4AM here now. May I ask where you live? It seems like you live somewhere near me right?
      I’ll read your reply tomorrow, totally need to sleep too T^T
      P.S: @your avatar: I’m really sorry about what happened to DBSK 😦

      • youjuchan replied:

        I live in Austria, Vienna ^o^ where do you live? XD

        srry for the late reply~ I PASSED MY EXAMS! NO SCHOOL NO MORE *happyhappy*

        yeah.. it really depressed me and made me cry for a while… i’m still sad but I just hope theyll be together soon and sincee I can still see some of their works its not that bad anymore :3 theyre doing the things they want to and that makes me proud ^o^

      • caheobeo replied:

        Vienna is such a beautiful city ^^
        I live in Vietnam. Haha you was having exams too? The same for me! I just finished my exams few days ago, no school no more too *YAY* btw was you in high school or university?
        about DBSK, I’m not really their fan but I have respect for them. As for me, as long as my beloved one is happy doing what he/she wants, I have no complaint.

  2. roseltv replied:

    10 minutes + UGG: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HSRR1XTJ
    CCBB: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ERTI308C
    BIB: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IHID2WK0

    Her live has improved so much. I remembered watching her old 10 minutes performances and they were so bad that I couldn’t finish watching without forwarding XD.

    I want to see her live concert so bad. When will the DVD be released T__T?

    • caheobeo replied:

      Go here: http://leesmusic.co.kr/ and type Hyori in the search box
      you will see her DVD there. It says the DVD was released somewhere in 2009 (I forgot) with the price of 28500won. It even includes a tracklist and some info. The weird thing is I cant find it anywhere else (i.e. yesasia). Do you have any info about this?

      Note: leesmusic is not a random site, it’s one of the biggest online malls for discs related. The discs sold at leesmusic are counted in the K-chart ranking. I myself bought many things there so I dont think it’s fake.

      • roseltv replied:

        That’s really weird. If it’s so, how come no other place sells it? I will ask my friend when she goes to Korea this summer to see if it’s available in stores. I doubt it though. I remember when the news 1st came out, I was ready to pre-order it on yesasia, but the payment thing problem made the release impossible. I guess they put it up at 1st but then disable the buying option without deleting the info about the DVD.

      • caheobeo replied:

        I dont know, it’s still up there. Anyway, tell me when you find out please.

  3. Ky Nam replied:

    thanks god for the full dance of CCBB!

    and btw talking about her concert, I heard she had a full concert before rite? (maybe in the middle of 3th era…) I didn’t update about her so often back then (lots of blah blah blah stuffs). so now where can I have that full concert? die to see it! gimme some info please!

    • caheobeo replied:

      tiếng Việt cho dễ hiểu nhé
      sau 10 năm debut Hyori có concert đầu tiên hoành tráng (lắm lắm T.T) khoảng năm 2008 (3rd album) nhưng sau khi tổ chức xong thì producer xù ko trả tiền cho staffs, dancers, directors, equipments… nên cuối cùng Hyori phải bỏ tiền túi ra trả những thứ đó (cho staffs và dancers thì phải vì những ng này đều là bạn lâu năm – nếu b để ý sẽ thấy Hyori giữ nguyên đội dancer chính từ năm 2003 đến nay) còn thiết bị rồi dính dáng đến pháp luật vẫn bị vướng mắc nên DVD bị trì hoãn vô thời hạn. Mà nói thẳng ra là ko ra nữa, sau 2 năm rồi còn j. Nên mới ngạc nhiên khi leesmusic có trên list và hoàn toàn ko có dấu hiệu gỡ xuống.

  4. Ky Nam replied:

    annoying DJ, stupid cameraman (or the editor), awesome outfits for 10 minutes!

    7 years and that song is still very fashionable.

  5. janeberryblue replied:

    omg caheobeo i had NO idea you were uploading when she made her comeback. thank you SO MUCH for sharing these cuts~

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