20100522 Dream Concert Hyori fancam

EDIT: I edited the video links and also added some other versions under the cut. ALL fancams are in HD/HQ quality.

The concert will be shown next week but I think they will not show both of the performances. The 1st one will be cut off, like usual. So before it gets deleted, enjoy this rather high quality fancam.

  • Bring it back with Ji Yoon and Bekah
  • Talking
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

HOT HOT outift. How can she be soooo fit? o_O

credit: on vid and icfinkl

P.S: the last one is still processing (at the moment) so if you can not watch it, come back again later. The same for HD (720p, some are 1080p), they will be available soon once they finish processing.

P.S2: i will not upload the raw files because they are really heavy and no one will care to download them. Maybe when the concert airs, I will upload the Bring it back perf since I’m pretty sure they will not air both of the perfs, only the CCBB.


May 24, 2010. 4minute, After School, HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance.


  1. Suzume replied:

    Well that was quick… it’s deleted already ^^;

    • caheobeo replied:

      i dont know why but it’s still there in my video list, just not processed yet. and it’s been over 2 hours o_O
      how come a 8-minute video needs that much time to be processed?
      whatever, i had to go to bed now so if it’s still not processed tomorrow, i’ll re-upload it. Dont worry! ^^

  2. conga10fury replied:

    nice quality fancam! too bad SBS didn’t air “bring it back”. thanks!

    • caheobeo replied:

      Although I knew it before, I still feel sad. Anyway, thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. 20100530 Dream Concert Performances « My Blue Ocean replied:

    […] As I predicted , the Bring it Back perf is not aired. What a pity because it’s such a beautiful performance. You can enjoy the FULL HD (yes I am serious, they are 1080p) fancams here. […]

  4. kav2001c replied:

    All these links died 😦

    BTW you should have let me know earlier you were back!

    • caheobeo replied:

      yeah my account got suspended by utube.
      Haha what should I do? Make an ad in a newspaper or something? 😛

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