Vote for me xD

I’ve just been informed that my blog has been added in Hyori’s toplist websites and I was like WOW hahah… Thanks for anyone that added my blog there (‘cuz of course I didnt lol). They (the toplist ranking team) told me I should place a code for my visitors to vote for my site. Even though I closed this blog long ago, there are still more than 800 views per day and I’m really moved and thankful by that. I wish I could comeback and share more stuffs. I miss you guys~

Anyway, here is the code. If you are interested, please go and vote for me. You can only vote for one site once a day (from what they told me). Thank you for all your support and concern.

Hyori Lee


*all you have to do is click at the picture and click Enter and vote in the window appears. I’m in 13th now.


August 4, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. darkvnn replied:

    Oh, I’ll vote for you. Your blog deserve in top 5. ^^

  2. tgd2 replied:

    voted 😀

  3. Renee replied:

    I did it ^^ Im very happy seeing u’re in 3rd now !
    And glad to see u again 😀

  4. MoMo replied:

    Happy to see this new post here ^^~

    i have voted it for u! keke

  5. Ange replied:

    It’s nice to see you’re still around. Congrats on the awesome blog!

  6. Ky Nam replied:

    sure. you’re my no.1!

  7. zaynab replied:

    hello Caheobeo
    i love you’r blog it’s wonderfull!!
    hope u go to the first place
    if u like come to are blog to. but we write persian in it mabay u wont understand any way we will be so happy
    good luck caheobeo
    love u
    with best wishes

  8. janeberryblue replied:

    and you’re still going strong at numero 4!!! thanks for visiting my little blog too~ 😀
    when hyori makes a come back again, i will definitely be checking this place out! glad to know you’re still around~~~

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