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In recent days I’ve seen many blogs sharing Hyori’s stuffs and I’m really happy to see her get more fans like this. The only thing makes me keep up until now is my blog is the only (main) source that has a great number of Hyori files in HQ/HD. I started the blog with only small files (like CFs) but later I shared really really BIG files. I always feel the stress of uploading files and i dont like it,  but i cant stop b/c Hyori fans need me. Therefore, I’m really happy seeing our fans have more sources to download..

But the sad part is…I saw My Blue Ocean‘s copies. They re-uploaded my files onto other easier-to-download hosts like USA or MF. It’s not that I like MU or not. I share many files, and usually they are big. If I use MF or USA, I have to split them (which is very inconvenient to both upload and download). And the most important thing is, MF links dies fast + I dont have time to re-upload everything => MU is the only choice. MU provides me:

  • Up to 1Gb file size for upload
  • File only dies after 3 months of inactive (no one downloads it)
  • Automatically converts files to online videos

As a result, less and less ppl visit my blog and download. I though it’s because of Hyori’s hiatus but now I understand why. I didnt have any problems with re-uploading if my email is not full of Warning mails from MU, that most of my files are going to die due to no downloading. Seriously, I cant re-upload anymore!

Maybe it’s the time for me to retire. Our fans have other sources anyway so I dont have to worry.


April 15, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. eve_wu replied:

    i cannot said anything…
    is it your really decissions…
    how i encourage you…???
    everyone just try to keep better and better…
    but just dont gave up…

  2. eve_wu replied:

    you know and this case…
    everyone cannot be blame…at your case…
    1st..maybe there are so many people really cannot download from MF
    2nd.. you now, like finkldata too…
    when you download from there
    and upload here, so there is no people download at finkldata,
    so finkldata clubbox, got down, and then their status become silver,
    and more many files expired, not just at your case….i become confused too…about the system..
    but since we are hyori lover, we just can join, and keep together,share together,
    just pm someone to not re-upload or something…or giving back to your link…
    maybe it help…
    that’s why i made a list of all hyori videos link, so not to double and double…link and dead….caheobeo fighting!!!!!!!

  3. eve_wu replied:

    sorry to many comments in same time…when you say “Maybe it’s the time for me to retire. Our fans have other sources anyway so I dont have to worry.” all got blank in my mind…
    so many word became chaos,…i mean maybe there are many people cannot download from MU, i wrote (MF) before…sorry to many mistakes…caheobeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….just don’t…i have many things or suggestion to us…..rgrgrgrrr…………dolpppppppppppppphhh…

    • caheobeo replied:

      first: finkldata was down because of a crack-down, not download problems.
      second: clubbox is different from MU. Clubbox banned many countries’ IPs, and download from clubbox depends on too many things with too many problems. Plus almost no one of us knows Korean. MU is much easier. and i always upload onto MF with smaller-than-100mb files.
      third: i think you misunderstood me. i wasnt angry at all. i always wanted to close the blog because i always packed with working, studying, taking care of my family… but i couldnt. Because at the time there’s no one share her stuffs besides me. But now there are!
      I really want to be a normal fan, follow and support her. Cry and smile with her. Not any crush of uploading~

  4. tastegud replied:

    Aww and I only found this site so recently 😦 You’ve put so much hard work on this blog and I’m sure even if you don’t upload any more videos, people will still download some 😦

    Of course you can be a normal fan 🙂 It is just those special fans who help others become fans too 🙂
    Well if you put up the links which are dying, I’m SURE some people will download them and they will be kept alive 🙂

    chb and hyori fighting!!

    • caheobeo replied:

      thank you tastegud. you are one of my best commentors. i will miss you much!
      i bet they wont, i tried it once thouh.

  5. darkvnn replied:

    Thx you for all things you do.

  6. aska replied:

    Noooooooo nooooo : (

    Awww caheobeo I hope you don’t close your blog, but I completely understand if you are busy with life and want to enjoy being a normal fan for once…without the constant burden of uploading for everyone too.

    ..IDK maybe with other resources recently available, you won’t have to be as busy uploading as before. I see all you guys who share hyori material as all one big hyori fan family and I support everyone.

    Would it be easy for you to put in a page for links to videos with re-upload requests…so maybe some fans here can chip in and help re-upload to lessen your work. I know I’m willing to re-upload some videos for others if I already downloaded it. I just don’t know where I can help out, since I don’t revisit the page which I already downloaded from anymore. It’s the least I could do since I’ve downloaded so many vids here.

    Well you’ve been my main source for hq hyori files for so long, for that I am forever grateful for all you’ve shared for me and all hyori fans. Will always support your decisions. Love you caheobeo : )

  7. ksmin replied:

    Aw =(

    caheobeo it’s your choice to retire or not but I don’t think I’ll ever find another good blog like yours

    i just want to say thank you so much. i love hyori she’s beautiful and talented. you have very good taste in music =)

    where am i going to find my family outing videos!? T^T

  8. eve_wu replied:

    haaahaha…caheboeo…i think many friends love you…
    nice to know you…too..thank you so much hardwork,and then fighting!!, although not uploading anymore..keep in touch…with us…hehee ^_^

  9. tastegud replied:

    Yeah this has been my main source for all the Hyori downloads too 😦
    There are quite a lot of new Hyori file sharing communities coming up now … but not one compares to the amount you have contributed. Ah well. You must be getting tired 😦

    I really don’t know what to say. I guess this is it?

  10. ashlee replied:

    NO, sorry for forgetting you,lol
    lately i have been advertised the other blogs, and i forgot about your blog,
    you were 1 of my first friends from soompi who love hyori that much like me, you know because we are hyori’s fans, so like you said” it’s good to see more fans uploading hyori’s vids” but old fans like us cant stop loveing her.

    how about the idea of splitting the works, like you will upload a certain kind of videos and other blogs another kind of videos?????
    NO, hyori is going to have a comeback this september, YOU cant quite,
    caheobeo, you know that you have tons of friends like us right? we are supporting you, please say something if you’re not pleased.
    cheer up girl, I LOVE YOU.

  11. ashlee replied:

    2nd comment
    after reading your comment above which i havent read.
    I understand you caheobeo.
    you still have your own life, if you quite, I hope we can see you around like before in hyori’s thread, we chat about hyori there.
    havent seen you around, hope you will be back as her fan again,OK
    with all the love for hyori, thank you for your great works
    your blog is not going to close right??????

  12. pim replied:

    your blog is the first choice of Hyori’s blog.
    Let’s it go on plz
    i no idea somewhere to share Hyori’s performance like this blog.
    hope you joyful to upload

  13. Barbie replied:

    I can only tell that i love your blog .. and I will always support you
    .. TONs of hyori vids are here! We need you..

    Thanks for all you have done for us .. and plz think about it again :S
    hyori will cry if u leave her/this blog << keke ^^

  14. Night replied:

    1st…sorry if my english is not too good and maybe don’t understandme very well.

    I only want to say that… i admire caheobeo…because i understand how hard is upload that much files like she do. And it is really good for me…and for all the Hyori fans.. I going work and when i’m driving to home..i’m thinking “Ohh maybe caheobeo have something new…for sure..maybe finkl files..or something new” and a smile is painted in my face.
    Thank you so much because you make happy, not only Hyori make happy but you too because without you…without your hard work…difficult i would have the most of hyori files that make me really happy to see or listen.
    I always will be grateful with you…and i wana say you “You have to make what make you happy”. Don’t think in us…don’t think in nobody else. You work very hard for us..it’s time for you to be selfish!!!. If you need time with your family…need time to listen hyori cd’s or watch hyori mv not time uploading. Just do it! Kisses caheobeo… now i can say, i’m your fan. I’m a hyori fan, but now i’m your fan too.

  15. BLurBLur replied:

    Hi there,

    i understand that it can be frustrating that ur links are dying due to a lack of download activities.. but i think the suggestion given by some that u post those links so the fans can help to download them in order to keep them alive is a good one… perhaps u can try doing that…

    whatever it is…. u have been doing a great job uploading HQ files for everyone… and im sure everyone appreciates it…. so whatever decision u make in the end, im sure we will be supportive….

    caheobeo fighting !!!

  16. roseltv replied:

    ur blog and ahboo’s blog are the only sources that I can get HQ clips of Hyori. I know how hard it is to keep up with the work. I used to upload things here and there but not any more. At first, it’s just a pleasure to share something with people who share the same interest but later it became a responsibility that I had to keep up with. I wish u wouldn’t quit but if u really have to/want to then I would like to say my last thank you for all the works u have done for Hyori’s fans. Best luck to u!

    p/s: I don’t understand why people don’t like MU. I love it ^^

  17. fink replied:

    I’ve tried uploading songs & vids to “uploading sites” before and i really can’t stand it as its troublesome, n time consuming.. and i understand y its frustrating u need to reupload again and again, afterall, u’re not paid for it right?? therefore, I respect your decision… its really difficult to handle a site where all fans are depending on you for the resources..

    but besides that, I really love your site because i can get most of hyori’s resources here and its well-organised. even better, its easier to read and brings us lots of convenience~

    actually i dun really mind MU, it jus need patience to download from MU though. but,its better than nothing 🙂
    I admire your patience though. & I mus really thank you once again for all of the things u have done for hyori fans ~~u’ve been really nice to share them all to us. ^u^ always be loving hyori~~!

    caheobeo & hyori fighting! =D

  18. ainul replied:

    oww… please dont retire~ i rally love hyori…and i like downloading from MU too… i really love ur blog….i read everything word by word u know~

  19. lillkitty replied:

    I see you are lost your faith like me long time ago.. I understand your feelings very well and you know that ^^; But I feel sad because your site was my nr. 1 source of Hyori commercials and because of people like you I opened my weblog.. But well.. you know, we take to much on our shoulders and sometimes its realy great to move on and take a break from all this sick situation with reuploading/no comments etc… Be strong! Maybe I’m not a good person to tell you to not give up because you know, I did it XD

    But first off all I want to say I’m sorry for not being here soooo long.. But I just get married with wonderfull guy and.. I realy must say this.. My weblog was this pleace where I realy dont want to be. So many bad memories and now I feel like someone take stone from my neck and its realy great feeling :p But I miss our contact 😦 so if you have some free time and still feel like want to stay in touch, please write someting ok? 🙂 *huugs*

  20. kris replied:

    caheobeo, i was sad to hear that you are going to close this site but i totally respect your decision. i will miss your blog big time. you worked so hard work to put this site together so you could share it with all hyori’s lovers. i will miss it so much sigh~ thank you so much for everything. take care 🙂

  21. Oschino replied:

    Hey Caheobeo… I just found out about this sad news 😦
    If I were to offer some help with uploading the MU files would you consider staying?
    This is the ONLY blog I go to for Hyori videos and I am shocked to hear this news… I want to try and help keep this blog alive! Just email me if you want me to help with uploading and maintaining the site but don’t leave please! 🙂

  22. My Blue Ocean closed! « My Blue Ocean replied:

    […] 19, 2009 · Filed under Caheobeo’s Diary As I explained in my last diary post, this is the last post of the […]

  23. MoMo replied:

    thanks so much for doing such wonder for us.

    i can understand your feeling, i think.

    hope to see u soon anyway 😉

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