Hyori+Lee Junki+Park Bom – Anystar Showcase tvN ENews 061221

I really love her Any-series but it’s for commercial so we rarely have perfs or promotion :(. I’m glad that the girl Park Bom starred in Anystar with Hyori now is debuting in new group 2NE1. Her popularity is raising as rockets so that i can find this (i lost it long ago T^T)

So enjoy 😀



credit: finkldata

if you still dont have any clues who 2NE1 is, then check their Lollipop MV with Big Bang (they are under the same company- YG Ent.)

She’s the girl in pink xD. You can her voice clearly between 1:09~1:16, 2:05~2:13 and 2:45~2:53 and yes, she’s the lead vocalist! I like her voice, kind of rare to me.

In edited edition, she got some close-ups.

This group is really promising with talented girls (at least I think CL and Park Bom are). I will look forward to them xD

youtube videos credit to coolsmurf

April 13, 2009. Big Bang, Engsub, Hyori, Lee Jun Ki, MV, News, Park Bom.


  1. Knov1 replied:

    I also like 2NE1 and am looking forward to their official debut.

  2. eve_wu replied:

    thank you dolph…
    i think i dont have this tvn version…
    so i take it…
    thank youu

  3. aska replied:

    I will enjoy this. I love all Anycall related vids. Thanks caheobeo

  4. shinhw4_girl replied:

    thx for the MF link ^^

  5. Sasu replied:

    Hyolee, Junki, Bommie? Sure I take 😀 ♥
    Thank you ^^

  6. Eva replied:

    Love It…
    Thank’s A Lot…

  7. stefanie replied:


  8. tastegud replied:

    thanks 😀 😛

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