Where were you, caheobeo?

Well i had tons of comment and emails asking abt that(although it came from a few ppl/true commentors). Sorry for disappearing and ignoring all your comments. The reason was.. I am going to move to a new house within a month. We are doing some repair and decoration with the new house so i have to travel back and forth b/w the two 😦

Anyway, many things did happen so i decided to make this post to list all the updates.

And to answer your comments:

  • @Shawn: i dont have the Khype.com version of 10 minutes, Dark Angel Live Korea In LA 060606 😦
  • @darkvnn: abt the same perf, i dont have the 10 minutes one in “Shall we dance” dress or at least that’s what i remember lol..
  • @Hyori Fan: i check the request and question page everyday but i only check comments abt every two or three days. yeah it’s really nice seeing ppl thank me, i’m really happy with just one “thanks” word but if you read other posts in the Caheobeo’s Diary category, you will see this blog is in the  serious lack-of-comment-situation. And now tastegud, you can understand why i actually thanked you b/c i’m glad seeing someone chatting with me.
  • @others asking what’s Standby Cue is about: I provided a online link beside a download link so why dont you go and see a little preview of it so you can figure out 😉

March 22, 2009. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. Kỳ Nam replied:

    hey! just receive the maiking of ANYSTAR~ that’s hot!!! thank you very much!!

    about the new house, yes i know, it’s very busy messy>< i hate moving the house. anyway, hope that will be a nice place for you and your family!

  2. janeberryblue replied:

    gosh.. yesasia e-mailed me a while back saying the DVD will be released in DECEMBER!!!!!! can you believe that!?!?!?! stupid concert producers >:O making our hyori pay… >:/

    anyways… so glad you’re back! hope moving hasn’t been too stressful! make sure you rest up a lot!

  3. tastegud replied:

    >< Welcome back to your own blog 😀
    I hope you have a good time moving 🙂 Exciting in some ways lol
    Thanks for the re-up 😀

    • caheobeo replied:

      @tastegud: yeah it’s exciting but so messy lol…
      and i still have my full time study at university, my part time job, and this blog of course ohooo~
      @Jane: yup i know, i am tired of waiting, poor our Hyori 😦
      @Nam: glad that you like it 😀

  4. roseltv replied:

    I don’t mind u being inactive lol even though I frequently visit ur blog. Just hope u would be active again when Hyori comes back with the 4th album. At least we can see her every week in FO ^^
    I want the DVD so bad. I guess it’s the problem with the production company that organized her concert. Hope it would be resolved soon.
    Anyway, congrats on moving ^^ I moved about half a year ago so I know how it felt. It was tiring but I got a new room so it all worths it ^^

  5. Hyori Fan replied:

    lol, you’re still absent. it’s been 7 days since you posted this notice 😉
    Well good luck with your house!!

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