Hyori, Lee Jun Ki, Park Bom – Making Anystar MV


Well this is a very RARE file, and more importantly, i like it lol…

So, i only share this for my true commentors as a thank for their continuous support. For the (future) DVD files and some rare ones, i will do like this too.

Already sent to: Celia, Nisa N., andy, Ky Nam, MOMO, Zap, janeberryblue, eve_wu, Quang, vazod, twily, youjuchan, Oschino, giulialicious, tern, BlurBlur, aska, sheepie, ksmin, Scuz, Shawn, tastegud, roseltv, night, darkvnn, Hyori Fan, katai_noija, Renee, maclamkhue, Karen, Neil S., joltdude, YOYOYO, TrangMin, Chris_yume, Christelle, pim, iitsvics, Msunrise, noodle, misssnowz, U.Bin, phuong, Slovenian, pom, o0Mai0o, strawberrybj, el`nino, ashlee, GGPX. And BlurBlur from soompi, you didnt leave the real email so i cant send it to you 😦

If you are on the list and not receive the link yet, tell me. If you are not on the list, enjoy the caps 🙄


March 22, 2009. Hyori, Lee Jun Ki, Making, MV, Park Bom.


  1. darkvnn replied:

    “enjoy the caps”, I like that 😀 . I am not on the list but you sent that link to me, thx you very much. Love u ^^

    • caheobeo replied:

      oh lol… you actually were on the list. your name was just after night but i made a mistake, i pasted night twice and i thought that i pasted your name. Luckily i didnt made the same mistake when i pasted the emails T_T
      hopefully i didnt forget anyone *phews*

  2. kunakasaki replied:

    woooww I want too o/

  3. kunakasaki replied:

    woooww i want to o/

  4. rOzi_EkiN replied:


  5. pillow replied:

    I want it very much
    Can I get link, please??
    Thank you thank you

  6. aska replied:

    Oh so nice, thanks again caheobeo…love this present!

  7. tastegud replied:

    I was frantically searching for my name because I haven’t checked this email yet 😛
    I usually don’t use this one, check it like twice a week around lol. But yeah, THANKS FOR THE PRESSIE 😀 You’re awesome 🙂
    Def willing to dl this one 😛

    • caheobeo replied:

      oh really? so next time use your usual email. i didnt know that. well at least you received it 😀
      dont worry no one can see your email, only me 😛
      @pillow: sorry you didnt comment much like the others(only 7-8 comments in 1 year) so… i cant do anything abt that

  8. Scuz replied:

    Thank you for sending me the link! 🙂 I was surprised, at first, to see it in my inbox ^_^

    I like the video a lot too, btw 😛

  9. thi replied:

    thank you for sharing…

  10. kris replied:

    would i be able to get a copy of this?

    • caheobeo replied:

      oh kris sorry i forgot you T_T
      ok i’ll send you the link 😉

  11. Chris_yume replied:

    Thank you very much ^^. I love the video

  12. kris replied:

    thanks always caheobeo!!!!!!!

  13. Night replied:

    Thanks!!! Caheobeo!!! xD It´t like a birthday present for me!!! xD i’m so happy, because my birthday was a few days ago, and one friend buy me the “It’s Hyorish CD” *___* and now it present of you!!!

  14. maicon replied:

    can you give me the link also please? thanks a lot 🙂

  15. eve_wu replied:

    i already received this…thank you so much caheobeo…
    you’re so great to follow up the commentators…
    aja aja fighting

  16. Steph replied:

    I ❤ Hyori! Can I have the link as well?

  17. Jack Horace replied:

    Link pls :(((

  18. Hyori-fan replied:

    hoo it’s looks great ! can I have the link please ? ♥

  19. SFIDA replied:

    thank so much ^^

  20. hankteen replied:


  21. fader replied:

    hi. i am new here, as well as a new hyori fan.
    just accidentally found ur website..
    may u share the link with me also.

    is it mediafire?

  22. Angelostrike replied:

    link please thank you

  23. awe replied:


    i like it
    link please….


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