Hyori – Daesang@KMTV Music Award 031210

Hyori receiving Daesang – the most famous and important Korean music award (Korean Grammy) for her 10 mintutes. She also performed a dance performance and then 10 minute. It’s really a rare and hard-to-find file so pls say thanks if you download 🙂

Jang Nara xD


Download Online

credit: finkldata


March 15, 2009. Award, Hyori, Performance.


  1. venison replied:

    Thanks, never seen this one before. (=

  2. darkvnn replied:

    thx u again ^^

  3. kiwizm replied:

    tks dude 🙂

  4. darkvnn replied:

    I have just seen this perf and I discovered at time 7:58, the rapper jump and fell out of the stage 😀

  5. virgo replied:

    Thanks very much. I’m a new fan of Hyori and i’m collecting her MV and her perf right now 😀 :D. I’m so happy because i found out your blog :)). This blog’s really amazing. And i’m vietnamese, too. So, shall we be friends :D. Sorry if my Eng’s not very good haha :)). I’m not usually comment in English like this :))

    • caheobeo replied:

      oh yes of course we can be friends. nice to meet you xD 😀

  6. aska replied:

    oh cool thx caheobeo. I have this perf, but never seen the receiving daesang part. Thx : )

  7. JCD2052 replied:

    One of the best blogs ever thanks for the older performances caheobeo

  8. Karen replied:

    Rare!! I haven’t seen this before!!!! 😀 Great performance!!

  9. Mike replied:

    rare vid, thanks!!

  10. Barbie ^~^ replied:

    OMG~ u got this pef in HQ >< THANKS!!!! caheo

  11. jeff replied:

    HQ!!!!!!!!! This is the best. Go you.

  12. tastegud replied:

    Thanks CHB 😀

  13. maclac_710 replied:

    awesome! Thanksss so much

  14. raenbong replied:


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