Hyori – 10 minutes, Dark Angel Live Korea In LA 060606

So sexy 😮


Pls say thanks if you download anything 🙂


credit: finkldata


March 15, 2009. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance.


  1. Ryan replied:

    Thanks for uploading this!

  2. joannejt replied:

    Thanks, Dark Angel is one of my favourite songs.

  3. darkvnn replied:

    Thx u, I heared about that perf long ago and now I can download it ^^

  4. darkvnn replied:

    I saw she performed 10 minutes in “Shall we dance” dress, do you have this perf?

  5. Hello replied:

    Sorry about not using the correct email address, but I’d just like to say thanks to you for uploading this.

  6. night replied:

    Thanks Caheobeo!! I have it but in LQ. She is soooo sexy always, but here too

  7. Jun-Zhe replied:

    thank you

  8. chester replied:

    merci thx for this vidz

  9. Shawn replied:

    Much obliged for better quality version. I wonder do you have the Khype.com version of this video? (the uncensored one)? My copy is such bad quality (only like 8MB FLV)

  10. JCD2052 replied:

    Thanks for sharing, great video!!!

  11. romele replied:

    i missed this one.thanks!

  12. Zaza replied:

    Thanks !!!

  13. sheepie replied:

    thanks alot my dear!

  14. chickarita replied:

    Thank you for sharing ^_^

  15. shinhw4_girl replied:

    thx for sharing ^^

  16. tastegud replied:

    TY 😀

  17. maclac_710 replied:

    thankssss, I like 10 minutes so much

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