Fin.K.L – Standby Cue Child museum side E14 010408

Yeah I LOVE Standby Cue 👿

Kang Ho Dong jjang!


Download Online

credit: finkldata


March 4, 2009. Fin.K.L, Hyori, Kang Ho Dong, Standby Cue.


  1. tastegud replied:

    Hm… I see Hodong? Or someone who looks like him.
    Hey cbh, what is this show about? Sorry for asking and not just downloading and watching and figuring it out myself ><

  2. aska replied:

    tatstegud, how’s it least you would understand korean, I have to figure out with no clue lol.
    I’m curious about what this show is about too caheobeo. But I’ll download and find out soon hehe. Thx for uploading these shows.

  3. tastegud replied:

    Hahah, if you could just burn it and send to me by postage… and I’ll translate subs for you LOL
    NO it was not serious >< That would have been really funny but hahahah

    If someone says this was good I’ll add it to my list 🙂

  4. woot=) replied:

    the shows pretty simple actually

    they have to do 9 small task and if they fail they have to start over from the beginning

    its pretty funny
    or at least i think so

    i dont think theres enough emphasis on how hard it is to find shows like this
    thank you for uploading
    please keep them coming =)

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