Fin.K.L – Standby Cue ep. 10 010311

It’s quite rare so pls say thanks if you like it. More comments will make me to upload faster ^^~

Included Kang Ho Dong, Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa) and Lee Ji Hoon (S group) too.


January 28, 2009. Fin.K.L, Hyori, Kang Ho Dong, Shinhwa, Standby Cue.


  1. aska replied:

    So Cute cute : )
    Thx for sharing caheobeo.

  2. woot=) replied:

    this show is awesomeness

  3. quynh replied:

    ohm. it is the funnest game of fin.k.l that i have watched.they are so cute and fun. lee jin and Yuri really love animals. i love them, especially, i love yuri the most. she is beautiful and a kind woman. she carry the monkey and tiger

  4. quynh replied:

    thanks caheobeo too much. i don’t know how to show my thankful with you. thank you so much

  5. dellicifier replied:

    MAN YOU’RE AWESOME! THIS IS AN ADDICTION haha, I like fin kl so much but they debuted when I’m still in primary school. argh I live in the wrong era, haha nowadays people like snsd like crazy…

  6. ebi replied:

    I live in the wrong era too, I’m 17 but I so love Finkl, its sad I got to know them just now. I love watching shows they’re in, but its sad that they can’t do it like this anymore. Lee jin, I really want to see her back.
    Thanks for this! ^^

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