Streaming upload!

Since there’s not many updates abt her these days, I decided to upload more on streaming sites. Go to my Youtube Channel to see more.I also use Veoh and Google video. For Google vids, I will update here.

Here’s 2 vid of Fin.K.L’s prank on her. They lied her that Yuri had an accident and was going to die. She was too worried that she couldnt help crying. Poor her~

I will upload more Fin.K.L and Kim Jong Kook old shows from now. Make sure you dont miss it~


January 24, 2009. Big Bang, Fin.K.L, Hyori, Kim Jong Kook.


  1. darkvnn replied:

    Thx u for share ^^

  2. janeberryblue replied:

    omg… koreans are SO cruel. but i think i vaguely remember actually watching this once.
    one time, they played a prank on kangsunghoon(?) from sechskies– and they actually made it look like eunjiwon had an hot air balloon accident– seriously, right before his eyes!
    it was so cruel… yet so entertaining. they were all just bawling their eyes out XD

    can’t wait to watch this! thanks for sharing!

    • caheobeo replied:

      yeah sometimes i think they are too much, too ~~

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