Hyori DVD Concert release~

090322 edit: delayed again. Details here

090226 edit: it got delayed AGAIN 😯


Hyori Concert DVD
Release date:2009.02.27
Content: 2 DVD
Company :Sony Music


Yesasia (Rolled Poster)

Yesasia (Folded Poster)



1. Invincible Hyori (이효리)
2. Hey Mr.Big
3. Closer
4. Straight Up
5. Hey Girl
6. Deepen’
7. Unusual
8. Dark Angel
9. Get Ya
10. Photo gallery
11. Slave
12. Don’t Cry
13. U-Go-Girl
14. 10 Minutes

Disc.2: Concert backstage and making story~

credit: .:icfinkl:.

well actually in China they pre-ordered, and they even design the concert T-shirt for fans. I wish I were in China now blink.gif
and i didnt see the DVD out in yesasia yet crazy.gif
only in DVDheaven, is it really trustworthy? ph34r.gif


January 24, 2009. Concert, Hyori.


  1. yukumushio replied:

    never heard of DVD heaven, I would wait for YESASIA to have it. omg. can’t wait!!!!

  2. Gia replied:

    Release date:2008.01.28
    2008?are U sur???
    I think you wanted to give us this big news too fast !
    but thank UUUUUUU!

    • caheobeo replied:

      i think it’s supposed to be 2009. Just my mistake T T

  3. ksmin replied:

    OMG I must buy this!! Thank you for the news!

  4. Night replied:

    Omg!!!! thanksss i need it xD.. I haven’t sure if they will sell it

  5. Shawn replied:

    Oh you know Im buying it. Wonder if YA has posted it yet? 🙂

  6. Lynn replied:

    OMG~~~ im soo excited~~ Thanks for the news ^^

  7. fink replied:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! im like waiting for this since her concert date… hopefully yesasia will sell it …. ahh definitely buying it!!!!

  8. Shawn replied:

    Hmm they changed release date now (Feb 5)

  9. pim replied:

    if it’s out, i must buy it ^^

  10. Shawn replied:

    Im thinking they announced it before they had official release date. It does seem odd no other site has it listed yet. I still will buy it though as soon as I can 🙂

  11. anh replied:

    cnt wait

  12. tastegud replied:

    Thanks caheobeo!!
    This is like how I keep track of all Hyori 😀

  13. Quang replied:

    thanks i hope i get it soon from yesasia 😀

  14. Oschino replied:

    Just ordered with rolled poster! Can’t wait and thanks for the update!

  15. Shawn replied:

    Haha I just dropped by to update everyone that its available at YA now but you already posted 🙂

  16. Kỳ Nam replied:

    my god.
    that’s hot.
    waiting to download it from… here =))

  17. darkvnn replied:

    I hope the release date not to change again >_<

  18. Shawn replied:

    It got delayed again. March now. Grrrr.

  19. daibangchoi replied:

    wow I can’t waiting for this DVD
    but I must waiting for on 27/2/2009
    oh my god……
    I like Hyori in Family Outing.
    She is lovely and funny

  20. maclamkhue replied:

    I hope in 2009.02.27

  21. nia4o1 replied:

    yesasia just changed their release date to 03/20/2009

  22. joltdude replied:

    Damn just have to wait

  23. tastegud replied:

    Expected release date: March 20, 2009. Preorder Now!


    Oh well… I guess I’ll just get it as a birthday present 🙂 …like 2months after release lol
    I really want it 😦

  24. sheepie replied:

    what’s the difference between the rolled poster and the folded one? Same poster different shopping method or different poster all together?

    • caheobeo replied:

      Same poster different container.
      rolled poster: the poster is rolled in a tube
      folded poster: it is folded so when you receive it, there are folds on it

  25. Shawn replied:

    GRRR Delayed again!

  26. tastegud replied:

    Have you preordered yet caheobeo?
    I’m not sure if I should just wait or preorder.
    Or I probably will get it from my friends for a bday present … hopefully 🙂

    • caheobeo replied:

      i preordered. maybe you can tell your friends and let them preorder for you lol..
      ah next time pls use the request page. if you request for some reupload, include the link of the original posts in. i dont check comments often so maybe i’ll miss your words 😛

  27. fink replied:

    i cant wait for e release.. ~ is rolled poster more worth it or the folded one? 😀 cus i was thinking of buyin something else to enable free shipping,but i’ve thought of buying the rolled poster instead. wad did u guys bought?

    • caheobeo replied:

      yeah of course the rolled one is better. i pre-ordered the folded one b/c i dont have enough money 😦

  28. tastegud replied:

    I think I’ll get the rolled. Or maybe folded… I actually have to re decorate my room with posters lol. All of them are so old with NBA players and stuff ><

  29. fink replied:

    mayb i will get the rolled one, although its pretty ex..but still i tink its more worth to enable free shipping ;D

    please dun ever delay it again..i mus get it before my birthday! ><

  30. fink replied:

    bad news..my order is cancelled due to delay agn, and its gonna be december 09!!!! 😦 …

  31. Oschino replied:

    My order got canceled too from yesasia. Is it delayed until December or is it just yesasia!?


  32. blackdragonsdg replied:

    My order at at yesasia.com was cancelled as well. Anyone know whats going on with this item?

  33. Shawn replied:

    Yeah mine is cancelled as well. They claim release has been pushed back to Dec 2009 ???

  34. Scuz replied:


    This may be why the concert DVD has been delayed. Apparently the concert producers haven’t paid anyone involved with the concert.

  35. fink replied:

    yea..poor hyori.. 😦
    hope e concert dvd will b up again..sigh…

  36. Shawn replied:

    Sad thing is, these delays will destroy profit margin for her (as more people will buy illgeal bootleg versions of the dvd)
    I had assumed thats why she had rushed publication so quick to do better sales wise

  37. Hyori Fan replied:

    Oh that’s such a shame… she must be so stressed. People getting sued is never a good thing.

    AND also, I really want to watch the DVD, so that’s sad too. Won’t they make a bunch of money by selling it?? So they should release it and maybe it will help with this problem 😦 or they’re not allowed to release it because those people didn’t get paid for their work yet so you can’t use their footage?

    I smell corruption… :\

  38. giulialicious replied:

    omg, both, yesasia and DVDheaven, says that the product is not available :S :S
    how come?
    and all this issue about the payment, left me speechless. -__-

  39. raenbong replied:

    thank you so much

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