Fin.K.L – Now MV

Link Available 😀

One of my fav. Fin.K.L songs. I love Kara’s version, too xD



credit: kpophd


January 4, 2009. Fin.K.L, Hyori, MV.


  1. kodiak replied:


  2. venison replied:

    thank you!

  3. chimagun replied:


  4. kunakasaki replied:

    thanks…happy 2009

  5. darkvnn replied:

    thx u ^^

  6. Gen replied:

    i’ve been searching for HQ NOW mv for quite sometime at last i found one.

  7. Christelle replied:

    Wow, it kooks so great!!! ^^
    Can I have the link?

  8. Gen replied:

    can i have the link?

  9. rarango replied:


    keep uploading…^^

  10. jojoman replied:


  11. HCtum replied:

    Chikky Ya!

  12. Himi_Mia replied:

    Thanks Baby

  13. Lizena replied:

    Thank you very much 😉

  14. hihihaha replied:

    Thanx 4 share Cool

  15. liiahona replied:


  16. meise replied:

    Many thanks for you.

    I’d love to download this video.

  17. Camui replied:

    thank u , I’ve been looking for this video!!

  18. Night replied:

    Thanks!!!! ^^.

  19. cenicienta_aladina replied:

    Zhanks for this video. Happy 2009

  20. Venia replied:

    thank you for sharing!!

  21. Msunrise replied:

    Never saw this MV before. Thx for the upload!

  22. virgo replied:


  23. tastegud replied:

    Thank you!!

  24. tern replied:

    Good to see where Hyori came from. Thanks.

  25. chanelight replied:

    I really like this song… thanks 😀

  26. kori_ya replied:

    one of my favorite songs atm, thank you for the MV! ^^

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