I’m coming back! Do you miss me? :P

I put a chat box at the right bar. Chat with me if you want, ohhoooo!

Edit: Thanks for all your kind words. I’m really glad seeing many ppl greet me xD. Love you all! 😀

Uhm just a small note, many of you wrote you didnt know where i was. Well I DID write that I would be off for my exams in the Mood of the day post. I stick that post to the front page so you can see it if you scroll down a litle bit. And DO check that post often because all the news related to the blog will be updated there. At last, do you really dont have any requests? Haha I rarely accept requests but when I say I will, no one request anything? 😆

hehe do you miss me?

I’m back from the terrible final tests lol… I will need a few days to update all the things i’ve missed. Comment on this post all the files you want that I missed since the last update. I will make this special gift for the comeback, I will take request this time 😀 (*but only for new files during the time i was off ok?)



December 10, 2008. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. eve_wu replied:

    hello…dolphin…heheheee…lol…how are ayou…are you doing your test well? i hope so…jia you!!…long time no see you… i miss you so much…hehehee…don’t be afraid, i mean like sister..(hohohoooo)..just want o say hai to you..

  2. lolret replied:

    Welcome back! Hope you did well on your finals! =D

  3. darkvnn replied:

    I’m also having a final test and I know youir hard >_<, miss u ^^

  4. Zap250 replied:

    Of course I miss you!! XD Welcome back, looking forward to seeing this blog active again. Hope you did well on the tests 🙂

  5. Renee replied:

    Long time no see ^^
    Thanks 4ur combake 😀

  6. katai_noija replied:

    i miss u
    thanx for everything u upload

  7. U.Bin replied:

    always missing you ❤

    = d

  8. Pauline replied:

    I really think of You (^^)

    Welcome back

    MiSS MiSS

  9. Oschino replied:

    Welcome back! Hope you did well on exams!

  10. Night replied:

    Hi!! Yes i was wondering where did you this time xD..
    I miss you… But now i know you were in your exams, i’m happy. ¡¡I hope you make good marks!. xD And Happy Chrismas for everyone!!

  11. Renee replied:

    Family Outing ep 21….
    and everything about Hyori 😀
    Thanks so much

    • caheobeo replied:

      Renee: I uploaded Family Outing ep. 21 before i was off. Do you want ep. 22? 😉

  12. Ky Nam replied:

    hey! since hyolee has stopped the promotion for vol.3, I stopped surfing your blog^^, sorry^^!
    but im still really glad that you came back! bring us good stuff~! goodluck on your exam’s result! (i hate exam!!!)

    • caheobeo replied:

      it’s good seeing many regards around here ^^~
      thanks Nam, I wish me good marks, too lol

    • caheobeo replied:

      it’s good seeing many regards around here ^^~
      thanks Nam, I wish me good marks, too lol

  13. janeberryblue replied:

    awww~~ welcome back! i totally forgot about your post so i thought something terrible had happened to you!

    well i hope all your tests went well. i’m still in my finals week so it sucks~

    will check back on the blog

  14. ksmin replied:

    thanks for all the uploads btw!
    and i hope u did EXCELLENT on your exams, i’m sure you did ^^

    i would like to request the new family outing episodes. im dying to see what happened!

    thank you sooo much!


  15. Hyori Fan replied:

    Yayyy you’re done with finals!!! ope you did well ❤

    Errr no, not really any request, just the Dream Concert Hyori thing, but you said Pholix had it and he’s not avaiable, so .. 🙂

    • caheobeo replied:

      Yeah i’m waiting for his comeback, too. Hope he has that file back up for you 🙂

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