Kim Jong Kook ft. 2AM – Loveable 081106

AVI and TP available!


AVI version (thanks Yoo.Bin for the raw file)

TP version (pls give her a thanks if you download)


November 9, 2008. 2AM/PM, Kim Jong Kook, Performance.


  1. standiari replied:

    Love this song. Can’t wait to finish dl it and watch it. KJK is so good to all of his juniors, can’t get enough of him. Thanks for uploading it

  2. daze replied:

    haha cute performance. i did a double take for a second there, that 5th screencap looks so much like se7en. thanks for the upload

  3. noodle replied:

    miss this song
    glad to hear again

  4. U.Bin replied:


    I looked at this post and thought “what is that video??”
    lol then I see you got it from me .. but I dont know I had this file ~ lol
    never have time to watch my own videos T T really sad

    keke ~ oh and you remember the Kim Jong Kook TP MV Link?
    since megaupload is fine again the link work again
    so just wanna tell if you not downloaded already ^^

  5. chim replied:

    thank so much

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