Hyori – Hey Girl 031223

I forgot to put this up 😛

Comment pls

credit: finkldata


November 8, 2008. Hyori, Performance.


  1. darkvnn replied:

    Thx you so much ^^

  2. Quang replied:

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. misssnowz replied:

    ohhh….i never see dis before…
    thanks for sharing little sis hihi…

  4. ophelie replied:

    thanks u so much hyo ri looks so good i love her outfits

  5. pholix replied:

    Wow there is a lot of new files lol

  6. caheobeo replied:

    Welcome back oppa!
    Miss you! xD

  7. stu234 replied:

    Oh! Thank you for nuna.

  8. Night replied:

    I never seen it before, thanks!!

  9. junie replied:

    love this song!
    thanks for sharing =)

  10. meise replied:


    hard to find this

  11. cenicienta_aladina replied:

    zhanks for this video hyori is very good

  12. ashlee replied:

    thanks caheobeo,keke havent seen this before

  13. poo replied:

    so gorgeous unnie

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