Hyori – Star Life Story ep. 20 (060313)

For soompier ;). Other eps on the way..

Ah I decided to cut Hyori’s part only so we got a smaller file lol..

Comment pls

credit: finkldata


November 3, 2008. Hyori, SS501.


  1. vics replied:

    Thanks for sharing. Saw this on youtube. lol. =)

  2. misssnowz replied:

    thanks for sharing heobeo…
    she looks so cute in dis show….

  3. Quang replied:

    thank you so much for sharing this look so nice XD thank you thank you ^^

  4. seafog replied:

    thank u for sharing ^^

  5. Karen replied:

    Looks like it’ll be fun to watch… THANKS for sharing! 🙂

  6. jenny replied:

    thanksss ^^

  7. cenicienta_aladina replied:

    zhanks for this video hyori is the best

  8. virgo replied:

    Although i had no idea what they are talking about, i still like Hyori’s outfit. Thank you

  9. xoaixinh replied:

    Thanks for sharing…I looked for it very long time ago…

  10. raenbong replied:

    thank you for file

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