Hyori – Shall we dance 060504


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credit: finkldata


October 30, 2008. Hyori, Performance.


  1. darkvnn replied:

    Oh, I have a perf “Shall We Dance” in 060504 but it’s different yours. Our unnie was very hard when dance in two places in one day >_<. Sorry my English is very bad. Request it ^^

  2. Oschino replied:

    Thank you thank you thank you Caheobeo!

  3. lucasBr replied:

    Please Caheobeo, share the link with us 🙂

    I love your site. Cogratulations for your job!

  4. vics replied:

    Please share this file, Caheobeo! =) I would love to have this one. I can’t believe i’ve never seen this one yet! ^_^

  5. 360esteban replied:

    please upload

  6. darkvnn replied:

    Request it^^

  7. andy replied:

    yes this one

  8. poevi replied:

    Share with us please!!! 😉

  9. Quang replied:

    wow i want this video for so long could not find it can you please upload this and thanks so much

  10. Night replied:

    I never seen it. Thanks

  11. Kiddychild replied:

    thanks for sharing, you’re a man

  12. maclamkhue replied:

    thank for sharing

  13. shinhw4_girl replied:

    thx you…. ^^

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