Mood of the day ~^^~


Decide to make this post to have more interact with all of you guys 😀

I will edit this post everyday. Feel free to leave comments 😉


October 25, 2008. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. Zap250 replied:

    Well I’m not a fan of Jong Kook (never heard of him before) but I’m ok with you sharing his stuff too. Maybe you’ll get some more of his fans on here now ^_^

    And I will second the request for comments – it only takes a second and it makes the uploader feel much better about spending so much time and bandwidth to share these gems with complete strangers. And look how easy she made it – you don’t even have to register like some of the other places! Thanks caheobeo 🙂

  2. aska replied:

    Hi Caheobeo…I see you use the word HOKer in some of your posts. What is a HOKer?
    Thanks for the sharing all these greats vids as always!!

  3. janeberryblue replied:

    yea i only came upon this site when hyori was active so i had no idea you liked KJK too! i’m not such a big fan of his but i really liked him on X-Man. i really wanted him and YEH to start dating ^^

    well, as long as you still update with your awesome HQ hyori files, i’ll still visit 😀

    thanks for all that you do!

  4. phuong replied:

    Thank you for your contribution
    I’ll always support you

  5. Oschino replied:

    Although not a fan of KJK, I’m sure a lot of ppl here will appreciate all the files you’ve uploaded of him!

  6. caheobeo replied:

    thanks you all for your kind words :X
    You made me feel much better 🙂
    @aska: HOK = Hooked on Kookie = Hooked on Kim Jong Kook 😛

  7. Night replied:

    Yep. I know how hard work caheobeo do everyday for hyori noona fans, ¡thank you so much! ^__^ and well, i really don’t have specially interest in Kim Jong Kook, but his songs are quite beutiful, then i appreciate the efort too.
    Caheobeo is so kinda xD!! and pacient with us. Thanks for it too.

  8. Oschino replied:

    Just wanted to say thanks to the recent wave of Hyori file uploads. I greatly appreciate it, although it would be nice if more ppl commented!

  9. aska replied:

    Ahh poor Caheobeo…pls don’t work too hard. Take care and get yourself some good rest : ) I need to take my own advice too : |

  10. I’m coming back! Do you miss me? :P « My Blue Ocean replied:

    […] of you wrote you didnt know where i was. Well I DID write that I would be off for my exams in the Mood of the day post. I stick that post to the front page so you can see it if you roll down a litle bit. And DO […]

  11. darkvnn replied:

    I think your new blog skin is bad. I like the snow but many colour in your blog @_@.

  12. caheobeo replied:

    you dont like it? Anyway I’ll find another one, and keep the snow for Christmas for sure lol..

  13. Hyori Fan replied:

    Yeah lol I was like WOAH all of a sudden with the theme, but it’s cool for a little change

  14. Oschino replied:

    Love the new layout! 🙂

  15. joltdude replied:

    I love the new layout, alot better than old one

  16. Hyori Fan replied:

    Wait… you don’t check comments often?? Why? Isn’t it nice to see people thank you? 🙂

  17. Hyori Fan replied:

    to see people say thank you for uploading videos? *typo*

  18. tastegud replied:

    Hahahah why am I on this? lolol Can’t believe you actually thanked ME. I mean… you are the one who should be thanked for doing all the hard work 😛
    I’m surprised to see myself on it because this is like… my 1st time I’ve read this blog since I first came here 😐
    So random >< The title is mood of the day, and to go completely off track would be again random 🙂 Let’s just say that we all hope you feel great 😀 coz your shares make us feel great 😀

  19. darkvnn replied:

    Happy woman day ^^

  20. speed replied:

    hi caheobeo,
    I’m surprised to received your email today…long time din come here… ^^
    i seldom download things recently (except for family outing) coz of my shitty internet connection…but thanks for personally sharing the making MV…
    take care!

    – stefanie –

  21. fink replied:

    hey caheobeo.. im a great fan of hyori here..XD
    ur blog is one of the sites i visit everyday..its amazing, u have everythin about hyori ^^ (i’ve taken most of them tho. :P)
    thanks for uploading so many of her videos!~ ^^

    • caheobeo replied:

      oh fink you are welcomed. nice to see you more here 😀

  22. larch89 replied:

    Thanks CHB so much for uploading many video of Hyori, you ‘re really a huge fan. ANd i really like download by MU more, i think all of Hyori’s clip i have from your site. Hope you’ll upload more and more. Thanks you so muchhhhhh.^.^ I’ll always support u.
    NIce day CHB

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