Kim Jong Kook – YDH’s Love Letter 081024

This is his first comeback stage after 2.5 years. Really, I cried while watching this T_T. I’ve missed him so much! Enjoy all HOKers 😀


Pls leave a comment if download

credit: godlove3494 for the full show


October 25, 2008. Kim Jong Kook, Performance.


  1. mir replied:

    kjk in Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter

    i’m miss him so much

    thanks for clip!! ^^

  2. Amy replied:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. theletter replied:

    thanks for share.

  4. U.Bin replied:

    sorry that I not uploaded this already for you
    its just Megaupload is weird now since oct.28 ..
    and everything what I upload not work next day anymore
    so I wait a bit more until MU work again…
    those 6.5 GB are not easy to upload on other Server (and I will never do! (lol)
    I will cut all performances out… you want his Interview as well?
    cause when I cut then I will delete all other parts :3

  5. porpeang replied:

    He’s so cute.
    Thank you so much.

  6. sassy replied:

    i like this…………..

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