Kim Jong Kook – Today More Than Yesterday MV (english subbed)

credit to wondersmurf aka Alvin for the video!

click more to download the MV

Pls leave a comment if download

credit: Kpopasia


October 22, 2008. Engsub, Kim Jong Kook, MV.


  1. IreneMY replied:

    so pleased KJK has released the much awaited 5th Album and looking forward to his appearance in FO!!! he seems to be more elusive than when he was in the service…worth the long wait!!! thanks for sharing the MV, will be ordering from yesasia…

  2. ellen replied:

    Great song, great MV. So glad that Jong Kook is back. Thanks for sharing.

  3. caheobeo replied:

    thank you!
    i pre-ordered myself already 😛

  4. jenn replied:

    thank you so much. two years of agony are over

  5. bellminah replied:

    Thanks a lot!!

  6. yiyi replied:

    thank so much .. so addicted to his song now ..

  7. kaonamp replied:

    thanks so much for sharing this, KJK’s new song is great!

  8. jaycee725 replied:

    wow! KJK’s 5th album and the title track is now
    in number 1 music chart. its so amazing that in
    less than a day, it reach the number 1 spot.
    KJK is really back with a BANG!
    looking forward to his appearance in FO
    and in other shows.

  9. Nisa N. replied:

    thank you very much
    I miss him a lot, too!!!!
    I have watched the PV teaser from the link you gave
    he’s so incridible

  10. Night replied:

    Ohh the song is really pretty ^_____^ and the guy voice too

  11. wsupitsm replied:

    omg that was a great song and a great video. thanks for sharing

  12. someone replied:

    thank you for upload
    his song very sweet ^__^

  13. noodle replied:

    thank you so much
    i like his wonderful voice ^o^

  14. cristal replied:

    tnx! i luv kjk!

  15. BW replied:

    i so so love Kim Jong Kook

  16. Genji replied:

    the song is great & the lyric so sweet…

  17. Celest replied:

    I ❤ the “One Man” Kim Jong Kook!!

  18. Wulan replied:

    thx 4 sharing…

  19. sapphire13angels replied:

    thank you so much for sharing~ muuaaach~ big hug to you~
    i fell in love at first sight with this song and the MV keekkekekeke

  20. umipi replied:

    thanx for sharing.,,:P

  21. Michelle replied:

    thanks for posting

  22. NUNU replied:

    I think this is a cute MV ^^! thanks for sharing this

  23. fiddle replied:

    sweet.. Love his voice n his song.. after all these years, he’s still it.. love him

  24. putie replied:

    Thank you so much

  25. tastegud replied:

    I’m getting his latest album 😀
    I know it’s a bit late but… lol only getting it coz my friend was in Korea 😛
    Hyori/KJK albums here we come 😀
    Thanks for the up 😛

    • caheobeo replied:

      neh~ glad too hear you begin to like him
      he’s really awesome 🙂

  26. bambinorista replied:

    thank you so much for sharing

  27. hypnoticgenius replied:

    Hi all,

    New to the forum, just thought I’d introduce myself 🙂

  28. adi replied:

    Aaaaa like it!

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