Hyori – Dark Angel, Deepen’, Get Ya 060217

Her comeback perf on KM Music Tank 🙂


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credit: finkldata


October 21, 2008. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance.


  1. darkvnn replied:

    Love Deepen, I can see a hiphop stype. And I like it ^^

  2. pim replied:

    may i request this performance?
    i don’t have it in my Hyori’s collection
    thanks a lot

  3. aska replied:

    Ooh Yay. THx Caheobeo…I never seen this performance with Depth before. Nice one…thx so much : )

  4. Oschino replied:

    Can I request this performance to be uploaded? Thanks so much caheobeo!

  5. Night replied:

    I never seen this..xD i think she fit better in the Depth orange chlotes, but i want it for be sure xD

  6. phuong replied:

    hey caheobeo
    where’s the list that we can select the singer name

  7. caheobeo replied:

    sorry i dont understand your question 😦

  8. phuong replied:

    Noi tieng Viet cho de hieu
    Hom bua ben fan ban fai co list cac ca si,ten cac show de minh de tim
    sao jo ko thay nua vay ban?

  9. caheobeo replied:

    uhm hiểu rồi cái categories 😛
    chắc là admin kia ảnh remove chưa báo cho mình, mình đã recover nó rồi 🙂

  10. phuong replied:

    thanks nhiu nha
    ban de thuog wa ah,mih thix hyolee lem
    vo blog ban la co tat tan tat het

  11. caheobeo replied:

    ghé thăm thường xuyên nha 😉

  12. Lipton replied:

    Ưm ss cá heo xinh đẹp :((((((((
    ôi Deepen :((((( Em chết *ngất*
    Cho em link bài này *quằn quại*
    Yêu ss vô đối :X

    *em ngu tiếng anh :X ss thông cảm :X*

  13. darkvnn replied:

    Link này ko down được rùi bạn cá heo ui, hix hix hix >_<
    The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable

  14. caheobeo replied:

    sorry i really successfully uploaded it
    dont know what’s the problem
    anyway i’ll re-upload it, just wait a lil ok?

  15. darkvnn replied:

    Love you so much ^^

  16. janeberryblue replied:

    omg this is SO much higher quality than the one i had until now! thank you SO much for sharing!!!

    i was OBSESSED with ‘deeply’ for a long time– i love her hip hop style ^^

  17. Quang replied:

    thank you so much for sharing your old file

  18. Shawn replied:

    TY very much (so there is a 3rd perf of Deepen! 🙂

  19. DC replied:

    I’ll be taking this,thanks =D!

  20. tigon replied:

    thanks ban nhieu lam.
    Yeu ss Hyori vo cung

  21. jeanlouis replied:

    ty sm!

  22. tastegud replied:

    Thanks!! She’s soo good 😀

  23. Nataliee replied:

    OMG THANK YOU :O i love this song ^^

  24. giulialicious replied:

    thanks a lot ^________^

  25. maclamkhue replied:

    thanks for sharing
    before never seen this vid with white outfit (Depth) 🙂

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