Family Outing ep. 17 (2008-10-12)

I like Xiah xD

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credit: cashewmania


October 14, 2008. Big Bang, DBSK/TVXQ, Family Outing, Hyori, Kim So Roo, Lee Chul Hee, Park Ye Jin, Yoo Jae Suk/MC Yoo, Yoon Jong Shin.


  1. roseltv replied:

    THANKS A LOT. I love DBSK! The interaction between Hyori and Junsu in this ep is really cute ^^

  2. Nisa N. replied:

    thank you very much
    I watched it from youtube
    DBSK’s men are so hand some
    U-know is a very good boy
    he’s awake for every situation
    Xiah looks normal
    U-know makes me so impressed
    he’s hot and so lovely and warming
    and he gets along with daesung

  3. kk replied:


  4. ksmin replied:

    DBSK!!! OMG

  5. aska replied:

    Thank you so much Caheobeo. Love this show : )

  6. Lina replied:

    Of course our angel Xiah is so cute :X
    poor Yunho, he lost because of chun hee =))
    thanks for the file even though i already download it
    Hope that cassiers won’t be so cruel to Hyori unnie, they did set up bias against any female actresses around DB ==” anyway hyori unnie did a good job this episode

  7. saki replied:

    ❤ Thank you.

  8. AunPungMan replied:

    Thank a bunch!!

  9. na-ut replied:

    thank you so much

  10. esther replied:

    it’s really funny

  11. koi replied:

    thankkkkk alott^for sharing thiss^^

  12. koi replied:

    thx thx 1oo times!!

  13. Himi_Mia replied:

    Thanks aLot ..


  14. Liliya replied:

    Thank you so much XD !! I’ve been looking for this everywhere

  15. Sophie replied:

    Oh, with DBSK ! U-know ♥ n_n
    Thanks a lot !

  16. SNSD_SNSD replied:

    Thank you.

  17. edy replied:

    thank you very much!!

  18. red22222 replied:

    thanks for uploading!!! I’m new here…hahah

  19. kamisha replied:

    Thanks a lot =)

  20. fojim replied:


  21. mii replied:

    thanks so much ^________^

  22. be replied:

    thank you

  23. Riskey replied:

    courius of this, yhx 😀

  24. nugnh replied:


  25. desphere replied:

    been looking for this forever! thanks a lot! ^^~

  26. Thao replied:

    Thanks for the file ^^ I wonder if you have HD version of this show 🙂

  27. yuria replied:

    is this just for me or not..?
    theres no eng sub right..?

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