Hyori – Happy Share Company Minwoo Mission 060624



2006.06.24 Minwoo Hits Hyori’s Foot (MBC Happy Shares Company)Happy Shares Company is a TV programme which follows two Korean celebrities individually for a whole week. These celebs have any $10 each to spend the whole week, and in addition to that, the show will give them tasks to do along the way. In this case, I guess Minwoo’s one of the 2 celebs, and one of his tasks was to hit any female celeb’s foot 5 times. So he went to look for Hyori. =P MIN-RI love!ahhh scribbles* did a full translation on soompi before but it’s too long to post.. Basically Minwoo says something like “Hyori you’re so hot today!” when he first sees her. She’s all “What, why are you acting all nice to me today?”. The host asks, “Are you friends?” and Minwoo says yes, but Hyori says “Well, if you put it THAT way, I GUESS we are…” and Minwoo goes “YARH!”Then Minwoo starts loading Hyori with praises, then says something like “But the thing that I, Minwoo, love most about Hyori.. are her feet”. Hyori is suspicious, but she cracks up anyway and shows her feet for fun. Minwoo gets a shock when he sees her foot, but quickly whacks it 5 times. Then he hugs her and says thank you. Hyori goes “OH, so it’s for that show!!”Then the host asks Hyori how she thinks Minwoo will survive on $10, and Hyori says she doubts Minwoo will survive at all because she doesn’t think he’s the kind who’s wise with money. (that’s why he starts massaging her because he was hoping she’d say something good! =P). Then the host asks which Shinhwa member Hyori likes best.. Minwoo suggests Dongwan, but she ignores him and says– personality-HyeSung, face-Eric, body-Junjin, cuteness-Andy… leaving out Minwoo completely! So he hits her on the head with the hammer. =P

Translation credit to Weirdoj@megavideo. Thanks so much! for translating!

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credit: finkldata


October 13, 2008. Hyori, Shinhwa.


  1. Night replied:

    Yeap! I want it caheobeo please!!! *____*

  2. aska replied:

    Yay! Thx Caheobeo…you’re most awesome : )

  3. Zap250 replied:

    I want to see Hyori’s foot get bonked!! Lol

  4. sinsatin replied:

    plz upload

  5. vics replied:

    OH. I want this too. =) Hyori & Minwoo are so cute together. 😉

  6. jackie replied:

    ูู^^ thank U

  7. Nang replied:

    thank you for sharing

  8. Christelle replied:

    Can you share please? ^^
    I love Hyori

  9. sumra7 replied:

    thanks alot 🙂
    i know that dongwan n hyori where in the same high school. thats why minwoo said dongwan first! lol

  10. caheobeo replied:

    oh really? I didnt know that!

  11. Night replied:

    Thank you!!!

  12. Slovenian replied:


  13. Karen replied:

    THANK YOU for the translation! 😀 Short but fun to watch.

  14. c e l i a replied:

    I know I’m probably a little late on getting this.
    Been busy lately, and now I’m finally able to catch up.

    Wanted to say thanks anyways. =]

  15. moviefz replied:

    thank u…

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