Hyori + Minwoo – Club Fever MKMF 031127


Comment on every file you download

credit: finkldata


October 12, 2008. Award, Hyori, Performance, Shinhwa.


  1. Oschino replied:

    I would greatly appreciate it if you uploaded some of her older files such as this one!

  2. purplemoonie replied:

    Hehe it’s really really a big old fish ^^ Thank you :X

  3. aska replied:

    Oooh. Please share this with us. I have such a LQ version of this performance. Thank you in advance : )

  4. vics replied:

    OMG. Finally, i HQ version. =) Can you upload this, please? ^_^

  5. 360esteban replied:

    ho!! this is like the best hyori video please upload

  6. sinsatin replied:

    plz upload it looks awesome.

  7. darkvnn replied:

    I am finding that, plz update it…

  8. Christelle replied:

    Can you share with us please?
    It’s so hyorish

  9. Ky Nam replied:


  10. Gen replied:

    me too. thanks in advance.

  11. pim replied:

    thanks for your kindness^^

  12. Ky Nam replied:


  13. blackdragonsdg replied:

    Thanx alot for this pv i had been looking for it for a while and could not find it.

  14. Night replied:

    I love the begin of this!! xD She look so cool

  15. reltim replied:

    thank you for sharing

  16. Karen replied:

    THANK YOU so much for a higher quality version. I only had the 200 MB version… THANK YOU so so much!! 😀

  17. tvxqbuzz7921 replied:

    wow! this is so old! thanks so much for sharing 😀 it’ll be fun to see again in HQ 😛

  18. DC replied:

    :O! I’ve never even heard of this stage! Thanks a lot

  19. tornic replied:

    I have this, but this one looks so much better. Thanks a lot!

  20. Jenn replied:

    i watched the low quality one a long time ago. never saw the hq version. thank you!

  21. raenbong replied:

    thank you so much

  22. hienqv replied:

    thank u
    love it

  23. Kureyo|On replied:


  24. albert tjandra tjong replied:

    hmmm really?

  25. Neo_tracks replied:

    excelent!!! evry very thanksss perfectttt

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