Hyori + Bi – Special Stage KBS Music Award 031230

Since she stopped promoting 3rd album, I will start uploading her old files. But I’m not sure if ppl want or not, so if you want, leave a comment to request, ok? Every file will be marked as “Open for request”


Comment on every file you download

credit: finkldata


October 12, 2008. Award, Bi/Rain, Hyori, Performance.


  1. Quang replied:

    wow a really good version thanks so so much for sharing thanks

  2. Quang replied:

    AHHH no good 😦 i hoope she does. hi would you have lee hyori i am Glad version in hd or good quality please thanks so much for youe videos

  3. Oschino replied:

    I would love to have a larger collection of Hyori’s older videos! Thanks in advance.

  4. aska replied:

    Thanks for sharing these older performances.

    Caheobeo: Is there a video to that Happpy Shares translation you posted on top? It sounds really cute.

  5. ophelie replied:

    whoaaa hyo ri is sooooo gorgeous
    thanks you so much for sharing this thanks u so much

  6. caheobeo replied:

    ah sorry for messing up!
    i edited the post

  7. 360esteban replied:

    i wanna see this please upload

  8. sinsatin replied:

    plz plz upload if u have time.

  9. Zap250 replied:

    Yes I’d like to have this too! The special stage collabs are so much fun~

  10. Hello replied:

    I was wondering if you had any of her Birthday Performances? If no, I was wondering if you could upload some old Dark Angel performances.

    Thanks. 🙂

  11. Nisa N. replied:

    thank you for your wonderful sharing very much
    I know that you’re so kind
    please share us this
    Love them both
    Bi has came back now

  12. Shawn replied:

    If I could vote for a song I really wanted to see live it would be Deep (2nd album). I only found one good quality version (her comeback with Dark Angel & Get Ya) and one ok version (something from Sapa Bugs Japan?).

    My second choice would be if she has ever had an actual concert live (I cant beleive she has never performed yet, all Ive found are from tv shows where she promos her single)

  13. PrincessAyra replied:

    thanks for sharing!~
    i love her old perfs.^^

  14. caheobeo replied:

    @Shawn: yeah i agree with you. I really love Deepen’
    uhm i think she only performed it twice, which you mentioned above. ah the second one is from Saipan showcase in Japan 😉

  15. Nisa N. replied:

    at last you sahred us!!!
    I’m so glad!!!
    thank you very much

  16. Oschino replied:

    Thanks so much for the upload!!

  17. Christelle replied:

    Please share, I love hyori ^^

  18. roseltv replied:

    Thanks a lot. Hyori and Bi are also one of my favorite couples ^^

  19. Shawn replied:

    Ah too bad. Well thnx for the try.
    Its too bad she never had a concert (anyone know why not?)

    If at all possible the only other video (this one I know existed) that Ive never been able to find was from the old Finkl days
    Would you happen to have the first concert (1999)?

  20. Louise replied:

    Cheers for this! 🙂

  21. caheobeo replied:

    @Shawn: sorry i hardly have any files of the Fin.K.L period due to HDD crashing 😐

  22. reltim replied:

    thank you

  23. ty replied:

    so cool!

  24. Karen replied:

    THANK YOU!!!! 😀

  25. Chris_yume replied:

    Thank you so much ^^

  26. bummie11 replied:

    thanks so much 😡 i love your blog very much 😡
    It’s very interesting

  27. Sweetrose2103 replied:

    Thank you for posting this!

  28. anh replied:


  29. jeanlouis replied:

    thanx so much!

  30. Frederick replied:

    Nice video! 🙂

  31. dinda replied:

    waaah, i can not wait to watch this!!!
    thank you soo much for uploading this perf..
    it’s hard to find cus it’s an old video..
    thank you sooo much for sharing it…

  32. maclamkhue replied:

    thank for sharing..
    I like Lee Hyori and Bi so much

  33. kj_ken_nguyen replied:

    thanks! they’re wondercouple

  34. lordpom replied:

    Thank you for sharing again 🙂

  35. nahjah replied:

    thank for sharing

    I like Lee Hyori

  36. awra replied:

    oh wow.. finally i found a great version^^
    thanks very much for sharing!!!

    i’ve been loving bi and hyori together recently 😀

  37. Lynz replied:

    thanx you so much for this

  38. tttt141 replied:

    thanks for share , amazing dance!

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