Legend of Lee Hyori Mnet 080926

3 parts in total.

I miss Eric 😦

Comment on every file you download

Comment on every file you download

Comment on every file you download

credit: Mnet+bbs.icfinkl


October 1, 2008. CFs, Fin.K.L, Hyori, Kwon Sang Woo, Making, MV, Shinhwa.


  1. pholix replied:

    Just a note it is basically a bunch o making of together

    Thanks i tried (tryed? no tried i guess its right lol, anyway)

    i tried to download it but i wasnt succesful lol

    thanks a lot

  2. Ky Nam replied:

    now she is a legend???
    is that word too much for a young and living people? =))

    yep she’s my idol, but call her legend is a bit too much,rite?

  3. arashi replied:

    thank for sharing ~
    i’m waiting for uploading..

  4. anNxp replied:

    hhahah thanks
    im gonna miss eric too
    hes going to the military soon
    woah shinhwa is not gonna be together for at least two years, so sad

  5. Shierly replied:

    Thanks so much for sharing

  6. Oschino replied:

    Thanks for the upload in advance. Will definitely grab this video!

  7. Slovenian replied:

    Thank you.

  8. iitsvics replied:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s true–hyori IS a legend. =)

  9. Chris_yume replied:

    Thank you very much!!
    this is great ^^

  10. pom replied:

    Thank you thank you!!

  11. Chuck replied:

    OMG !!!!

    Since the 10 minutes era !!!!

    I cannot unlove it !!!!

    You made my day !!!!


    Thank you sooooo much !!!!

  12. Ronald replied:

    wow…a legend…

  13. phuong replied:

    lee unnie – love ya

  14. MOLILY replied:

    Thank you very much > <

  15. Hyori Fan replied:

    Thankyouuu you know I love her 😉

  16. kori_ya replied:

    downloading all of them, thank you! ^^

  17. tastegud replied:

    Thanks 😀

    …again 😛

  18. romele replied:

    still searching the subbed one…thanks,better than nothing

  19. giyeon replied:

    Thank you so much

  20. metita replied:

    i love lee hyo ri

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