Big Bang – Day After Day (Haru Haru) MV

Just heard it a few hours ago and liked it.

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Credits: TK



September 27, 2008. Big Bang, MV.


  1. MOMO replied:

    it’s great that u finally listen to this song.
    it’s a MUST for everyone to like it!

  2. pholix replied:

    yep it surely is, i enjoyed a lot the background ! ^^

  3. purplemoonie replied:

    §($§=)?!§O)!!!%$ <—- this is my ” something ” =))

  4. ai replied:

    OMG i died after watching this.. its amazing.. and meaningful.. my fav is in the beginning when they fight and in the car park =D THANKS

  5. sweetrose2103 replied:

    thank you very much.I like this song best

  6. sue replied:

    THANK YOU! 😀

  7. hankteen replied:

    THANK YOU! 😀

  8. ooy replied:

    the link is invalid

    give me a new link please…..

    thanks so much

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