Hyolee – Hey Mr Big 080912

1st S_BS was taking down youtube videos and well, its “friend”, K_BS is doing the same so from now on i wont put the place where it was broadcasted.

2nd I wont upload files to FF anymore, because even with people downloading and without any Flag it keeps deleting the files i upload, so from now on my links will be from MU.

You dont need to register at wordpress to leave a comment so do it!.

”Thanks, \o/, great, uhuuuuu, gomim gomim nhaji ma, ‘buning luning mé’…” write whatever you want, but leave something!

Credits: Tk and icfinkl




September 13, 2008. Hyori, Performance.


  1. Mr.RixX replied:

    Oh my god
    I hope i’ll get it soon!
    ♥! Lovely outfit

  2. andy replied:

    ohhh thx stop it please you kill me with this girl

  3. k4eva replied:

    thanks pholix. MU is great with me

  4. janeberryblue replied:

    oh no… what was her stylist thinking?? there is NO WAY purple fur can look good >_<

    good thing hyori rocks her perfs no matter what. thanks for sharing!!

    and sbs and kbs and mbc are all being pooheads.

  5. strawberrybj replied:


  6. Ky Nam replied:

    MU is the best choice!

  7. Mr.Po replied:

    thanks a lot ^^ I love this song so much

  8. caheobeo replied:

    thanks oppa.
    although SBS and KSB only take down online links, but yeah you are right. we should be careful. i will not add the channel name in any more.

  9. Karen replied:

    Great Performance! Many many THANKS for sharing!!! 😀

  10. Infinity_tao replied:

    Thank you so much!!
    She is so pretty ^^

  11. Zap replied:

    I hear ya on the deleting bit. MU is one of the best for not deleting files. And my personal favorite right now. Their download speed is always fast here in the US. Too bad they block users from some other countries though.

  12. Angelina2804 replied:

    My sister is always beautiful :X
    Thank ss Cá soooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh :X :X :X

  13. tern replied:

    It was always nice to have a mix of megaupload and FF links to make the downloading faster. Nonetheless, I understand why you switched. Thanks for the video!

  14. pom replied:

    Thank you as always!!

  15. Lee Hyue replied:


  16. caheobeo replied:

    pls do post smt more meaningful _ __~

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