Hyori – U-Go-Girl KBS Open Concert 080824

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credit: icfinkl


September 10, 2008. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance.


  1. roseltv replied:

    THANKS. Added to the U GO GIRL’s collection ^^

  2. arashi replied:

    Thank for sharing
    U go girl is cute
    i like this song

  3. Night replied:

    Thanks caheobeo!!! XD ohhh she looks so goog in these hat!!

  4. andy replied:

    merci bcp

  5. Mr.RixX replied:

    Oh my god! I don’t have this per Thank

  6. liji replied:

    thank you so much for this ;)hug
    I think its one of ma fave performances 😀
    I love her outfit, she looks sexy like always.

  7. Karen replied:

    THANKS to you I’m able to collect so many Hyori videos I can’t find anywhere else. THANK YOU so very much!!!!

  8. Pom replied:

    Thanks so much for all these…really appreciate everything!!!

  9. Alexiel replied:

    It’s rare file of ss Lee . Thank u very much !!!

  10. tern replied:

    Thanks! I didn’t get this half of her performances.

  11. BLurBLur replied:

    have been looking for this file… didnt realize it was posted here… either way.. thanks for the upload

  12. raenbong replied:


  13. Daphne replied:

    Thanks! Great Perf!!!

  14. racheeerio replied:

    Thank you so much 🙂

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