Hyolee – Hey Mr Big + U-Go-Girl (Performance Version) [AUDIO]

Added U-Go-Girl (Ky Nam Request)

I did a cut mixing the album version with that break in the middle, i did my best to keep the transition as best as possible, the files have different audio qualities and a few thousand technical aspects that influences on the final result.

Anyway its great to listen, but as i said i did it, it isnt a studio version, it is a cut, feel free to get it, share it, credit it and comment!!!

And if someone finds the original file please share with us!


U-Go-Girl: 4sharedFFMU

Hey Mr. Big: FFMU



August 30, 2008. Album/Single, Hyori.


  1. Chuck replied:


    I was wondering the same thing during the afternoon…
    Is there any Mr.BiG version with the breakdance part out there? And here it is, all thanks to you. You definitely know how to make my day!

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Ky Nam replied:

    heheheh althought i didn’t have a chance to watch Mr.Big live (because the file host^^) but I’m eager to hear the remix on stage version!
    can u plz … do the U-Go-Girl onstage version too?^^

  3. pholix replied:


    U-Go-Girl Added

  4. Chloe replied:

    Thank you so much, esp. for the HMB one! ❤

  5. Ky Nam replied:

    oh ma god!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t download from filefactory so i fleech it to megaupload. And I decided to share that link in the previous entry, but (maybe) there’s problem so i can’t see my cmt, so I post it here, you can add this link to that entry so people could njoy Ms.WONDERFUL more^^.


  6. Hyori Fan replied:

    thank you so much i was so upset when i found out the recorded version didn’t have the ok part. so upset. i mean, they should have had like 2 versions or something!! (unless… did they do that on the single? 😮 that would be smart)

  7. bEauTi QUeeN replied:

    omg thank u!!! u hav no idea how much i wanted dis!!! and can u please do lee hyori 천하무적 이효리 & lee hyori- don’t cry live in mp3? i wood rily apreciate it
    pleeaassee~ thank u….

  8. bEauTi QUeeN replied:

    can u plez do Unrivaled Lee Hyori live in mp3 audio ver?
    pleeaassee~ thank u..

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