Hyolee – Hey Mr. Big MV



Woo hoo finally xD..

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credit: Mnet+bbs.icfinkl.com


August 28, 2008. Hyori, MV.


  1. leah replied:

    yay!! new mv!!
    thanks SO MUCH for the upload!!

  2. Chloe replied:

    WAITING FOR YOU ❤ (to upload the file) like the FinKL SONG!

  3. Chloe replied:

    I love you!

  4. BLurBLur replied:

    omg…… im so excited to watch this mv… thanks for the upload… cant wait for it !!!

  5. Scuz replied:

    Thank you so much! 😀

  6. Mr.RixX replied:

    Next exactly Hyori’s choice
    It’ll be 2nd Hitz :X :X love it!

  7. eve_wu replied:

    can’t wait this afternoon on mnet countdown too..hehehe^_^

  8. snoopy replied:

    thank youuu soo much !

  9. Thatguy replied:

    cant deny watching sexy hyori. thanks a lot.

  10. mai replied:


  11. mrkpop replied:

    thank u

  12. Oschinoz replied:

    Thank you sooooo much!

  13. Pholix replied:

    Can´t believe it!!!



  14. lillkitty replied:

    Ah my Wheesung Oppa’s song ^_~ Thanks sweety 🙂

  15. aska replied:

    can’t wait to watch this, thanks !

  16. Miss-Shinayu replied:

    Super mv*o*

  17. c e l i a replied:

    I was at the Hyori thread on soompi and saw that it was out and ran straight to your blog LOL

    Thank You

  18. roseltv replied:

    THANKS. I would there would be a HQ one soon ^^

  19. asdf replied:


  20. andy replied:


  21. starz replied:

    I’m a new fan of Hyori and I stumbled across your site recently after reading your post at soompi. I was awed speechless by all the MV and performances you have compiled here for Lee Hyori. Thank you for posting all the goodies. It will take me days to finish going thru them.

  22. minnie replied:

    thank so much for uploading ;]

  23. vics replied:

    WOOH! This is ONE HOT video of hers. Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  24. Nang replied:

    thank you so much!!! im soo excited!!!

  25. alice replied:

    thank you xP she has so many outfits in this mv

  26. KRL replied:

    thanks I can always count on you for videos!

  27. MOMO replied:

    another fantastic MV.
    just wait dor HQ version 🙂

  28. ali* replied:

    thanks so much! beats watching youtube!!

  29. o0Mai0o replied:

    THANKS FOR SHARING ! im lovin the song

  30. Msunrise replied:

    Thx for the upload! Can’t wait to watch it

  31. mimi replied:

    –Love Hyori–
    ^^ this is very sexy MV ^^
    Love U for sharing Hyorish files

  32. el`nino replied:

    nice idea :)… thanks caheobeo for sharing 🙂

  33. Nisa N. replied:

    thank you very much
    she’s so sexy and hot again
    can’t wait to see anymore
    performance should be so wonderful either

  34. Sabrina replied:

    Thank youuu so much!!!

    I love when she has the pink hair *0* love her different look ><

  35. tooni replied:

    hyori in pink, so hot ^^

    thanks as always

  36. YOYOYO replied:


  37. Chuck replied:


    Loved everything in the video except…
    that pink wig… but I’ll let it pass just
    because she’s Hyori and those scenes were
    just at the final part of the MV! haha.

    Thank you so much for your work and efforts.
    You make me really happy with this and I’m
    sure you make others happy too!


  38. Happinezz replied:

    Thank you! ><

  39. Carolina Nava Villegas replied:


  40. Zap replied:

    Thanks for sharing Hyori’s newest MV!!

  41. sumra7 replied:

    i like this MV
    thank you~~

  42. pim replied:

    i am falling in love this MV so much

  43. Chuck replied:

    Thank you sooo much
    Waiting for the HQ version, it’s going to be
    soooo good… ❤

  44. Lina replied:

    thank u so much

  45. vazod replied:

    took this! thank you so much…

  46. raini replied:


  47. Lyn replied:

    i love hyolee!! <33 thnks!

  48. Audek replied:

    Thanks! 🙂

  49. Andy replied:

    Thx for sharing .

  50. jennifertran replied:

    yay thanks for this!

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