Hyolee – U Go Girl Music Core 080816

Lol it kept dying on me… Anyway I just put it up in case anyone doesnt have it. And to make my collection complete lol…

Comment on every file you download

credit: finkldata


August 25, 2008. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance.


  1. Quang replied:

    thank you soooooooooo much

  2. Hyolee - U Go Girl Music Core 080816 : thegameoflove replied:

    […] Original post by caheobeo […]

  3. Pholix replied:

    Thanks Caheo!!!! \o/

  4. kangeroo replied:

    yep, i’m crazy like you too.
    i gotta have every perf, in hq too!
    the bad thing is that i gotta have every perf of every song, even if i don’t like it that much.
    but…i do like this song.
    thanx a lot!

  5. rebelle replied:

    many thanks for sharing!!
    Love every perf of U go girl!! GO hyori Go!!!


  6. KTNX replied:

    Thanks i love Hyori forever
    hyori so hot

  7. thao replied:

    thank you !!!!!!!! for sharing

  8. JoH replied:

    thx for sharing a lot ^^

  9. JoH replied:

    love megaupload XD

  10. junie replied:

    thanks for this.

  11. pom replied:

    Thanks so much!!
    love hyori..

  12. Karen replied:

    WOW!! So many video I’m unable to get anywhere else. Keep up the hard work! THANKS!!!! 😀

  13. pau replied:

    Great show ! thank !!

  14. Cam_Lee replied:

    megaupload~ I can’t get the link~ help

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