Hyolee – Receiving Hot Style Icon Award Mnet 20’s Choice 080823

Edit: the perf with Jung Hwa keeps dying =.=. I’ll download and reup tomorrow.

Uploading hehe..


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Credit: BIG thanks to finkldata  xD


August 24, 2008. Award, Hyori.


  1. mimi replied:

    Thanks for this file. I’ll wait for other files of Hyori @ M-net 20s Choice ^_^ I think Hyori is so sexy and very cute on stage ^_^

  2. andy replied:


  3. K replied:

    she looks so cute in this show! ^^
    and the performance with jung hwa onni is great!!
    thanks for sharing, caheobeo! 🙂

  4. c e l i a replied:

    Thank you for sharing
    Is this the only award she got?
    I think I saw a pic of her in a hot pink outfit, and it looked like she received an award.

  5. caheobeo replied:

    She received two arwards 😀
    this one is for the Hot Style Icon.
    the pink one is for the Hot Performance Musician.

  6. roseltv replied:

    Loving the outfits. I’m not surprised she won. HYORI JJANG! THanks 4 sharing.

  7. kiwizm replied:

    she deserved it ^^

  8. Chris_yume replied:

    WOW!!! Thank you for share it. ^^

  9. aska replied:

    wow can’t wait to watch this vid plus the performances too. I’ve heard they were awesom : )

  10. vics replied:

    thank you for sharing. she definitely deserves this award 100%! =) Go HYORI! ^_^

  11. Thatguy replied:

    thanks for another hyolee video

  12. BLurBLur replied:

    thanks for the vid… looking forward to watch her performance with UJH in HQ …….. 😛

  13. aska replied:

    Does anyone know what the piano guy was saying at the end of this vid? I recognized he said Hyori’s name and the fans got really excited.

  14. caheobeo replied:

    He’s Kim Gun Mo. If you listen to her It’s Hyorish album, he’s the artist featuring in the song Red Car. Btw he said Congratulation Hyori!

  15. aska replied:

    thanks for translating caheobeo : )

  16. caheobeo replied:

    not at all. Btw, could you share your video of Hyori singing Eun Ji Won’s song? I thought you said you had it in soompi, right?

  17. aska replied:

    I do. I have 2 vids of her performing with Eun Ji Won. One is Drunk in Melody and other is Ghetto Superstar. I can upload both, but could you give little guide to how. I think I can upload to Megaupload, but do I just post the link here or something? I’m not experience in this : (
    I’ll check back later in day, time to go to work.

  18. aska replied:

    Here are the links Caheobeo. Not sure if you wanted them here but you may do as you wish.

    Hyori singing Eun Ji Won’s Drunk in Melody(37mb)

    Hyori&Eun Ji Won singing Ghetto Superstar(37mb)

  19. caheobeo replied:

    oh you are so fast! thank you very much. I’ll make post for those tomorrow xD

  20. foo replied:

    very nice, she is doing well

  21. el`nino replied:

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. pom replied:

    Thank you!!

  23. tastegud replied:

    thanks 😛

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