Hyolee – First fan meeting Birthday Party (Dream Girl Hyolee)070513



It took me almost a week to complete downloading o_O

Well, anyway it’s worthy. That’s a really hard-to-find video. I saw many ppls asked me to upload her performances at her birthday party, finally here you go lol…

MC: Kim Jae Dong.

Guess: Maybee, SG Wannabe, Ock Joo Hyun.

Performaces included: Let me be there, E.M.M.M., Candy (with Maybee), Scolding, One summer day’s dream (by SG Wannabe and Ock Joo Hyun), Partner for life (by SG Wannabe), Dear Boy, Slave, 10 minutes, Toc toc toc.

Lol.. hope I didnt miss something. And big thanks to eve_wu for helping me xD.

Comment on every file you download

credit: bbs.icfinkl.com

P.S: I know it’s not as HQ as files I usually post here, but who cares, it’s too precious lol…


August 23, 2008. Fin.K.L, Hyori, Performance, SG Wannabe.


  1. Scuz replied:

    Wow, this looks interesting! I’ll have a look at it when you’ve finished uploading ^_^ Thanks for sharing such a rarity with us!

  2. aska replied:

    Sweet…can’t wait to check it out.

  3. aerisa replied:

    Oh wow …It’s really hard to find VDO ^^ thankyou for upload

  4. mai replied:

    I’ve just discovered Hyori a few days ago but I already love her ^^ Thank you so much for sharing her videos and such. And thanks for this!

  5. vics replied:

    WOW. This is definitely a surprise! ^_^ Thanks for all the rare finds, caheobeo. 😉 I can’t wait to DL this!

  6. eve_wu replied:

    ahah…finally you finished…
    same as me…i’ll need one week to finished that download..because the seeders so small..and congratulations..hahahaaa.i think yo need add the title or tags, hyori birthday..

  7. Nang replied:

    thank you for uploading and sharing..ive only seen clips of this so this is pretty cool thanks!

  8. caheobeo replied:

    Eve I edited the tittle xD

  9. roseltv replied:

    It’s indeed very precious. I forgot the name of the song but it’s a Britney’s song that she performed right? Thanks a lot.

  10. andy replied:

    i never see this vidz so thx you

  11. kiwizm replied:

    tks for the rarity 🙂

  12. sumra7 replied:

    shoot! MU never works for me 😦
    anyway thanks for your efforts!

  13. bellminah replied:

    Thanks very much for thia file 🙂

  14. mimi replied:

    Thank U so much for all of Hyorish files ^^

  15. pholix replied:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Caheo, i was crazy looking for it!

  16. janeberryblue replied:

    omg some of these songs she’s NEVER performed! thank you SOOOO much! i’ve never foudn this file anywhere before!! you’re the greatest!

  17. aska replied:

    yay yay…you finished uploading : ) I’ll be downloading this thank you

  18. c e l i a replied:

    OMG Thank YOU!!!!
    I’m sure this would be worth it.
    She performed songs that was never performed before omg
    Once again, thank you for spending the week downloading this AND then uploading for us.

  19. c e l i a replied:

    LOL ok I think the same problem is happening to me again haha.
    I downloaded I think 3 times but in actuality it didn’t really download anything.
    Like they all end up to be 0 bytes.
    Maybe it’s my computer again. LOL
    I think I need to retired this old baby LOL
    I’ll try again tomorrow since it’s late now.

  20. lilvy1025 replied:

    thanks you 4 d video

  21. c e l i a replied:

    Omg I’m so sorry LOL
    It’s working now.
    Damn, I feel like I’m spamming in your blog. haha

  22. caheobeo replied:

    oh it’s ok.. feel free to post comments ‘cuz I love seeing comments lol…

  23. Chris_yume replied:

    Thank you so so much!! ^^ 😀

  24. giulialicious replied:

    thanks a lot 😀 😀

  25. thao replied:

    thankss for upload this video!!!

  26. Night replied:

    At last!!!! Nobody has this video T..T and it is the best

  27. Chuck replied:

    Just like you said, this is too precious to be picky about it. There are almost every favourite song that I have on Dark Angel album so… I really appreciate it!

    Thank you!

  28. lilvy1025 replied:

    i keep crying while watching d video
    i love HYori unnie so much

  29. BLurBLur replied:

    holy smokes… didnt realize she performed EMMM on the fanmeeting… got to download this…

    thanks for the upload !! xD

  30. Karen replied:

    😦 Unfortunately couldn’t get the DL to start…will have to retry later. Can’t wait to DL….THANK YOU for sharing such a large file. :thumbsup:

  31. Hello replied:

    Thanks so much!! This is the only place I’ve seen this video. Thanks again. 🙂

  32. Shawn replied:

    Thnx for this upload 🙂

  33. versatile replied:

    haha thanks so much for this!
    Your hard work is always very much appreciated!!!

  34. phuong replied:

    thanks again
    i love HYori unnie so much

  35. Patrick replied:

    I can’t wait to dl it but i cannot find the link…

    • caheobeo replied:

      it’s on “comment on every file you download”

  36. katai_noija replied:

    thanx a lot.

  37. Kongrit replied:

    I LOVE YOU Hyolee

  38. joannejt replied:

    Oh this has a performance of Slave, thanks for sharing.
    Hyori’s so cool.

  39. Nisa N. replied:

    that’ ,arvelous
    I really do’t know what to say
    I’ve been searching for her videos
    thank you so much
    will be added more coomment after downloaded

  40. Nisa N. replied:

    thank you for your wonderful sharing very much
    though it’s not real concert of Hyolee unni
    but I wish she would have one
    and she did!!!!
    the DVD concert had been released
    I’m looking forward to buying it
    my unni’s collection
    thank you again

  41. Gza replied:


  42. nationfairy replied:

    thank you for sharing

  43. Tuyet Tran replied:

    Thank you so much! I am looking it

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