KBS News The entire South Korea imitates Lee Hyori 080814

Nice vid, including WGs, Teayeon of SNSD, and many gag men 🙂


credit: bbs.icfinkl+ finkldata


August 19, 2008. Hyori, SNSD, Wonder Girls.


  1. youjuchan replied:

    hahah XD~ this sounds fun ^^ reminds me of Shindong during SM TOWN LIVE ^^”

  2. vics replied:

    thank you! this sounds like a cute video. 😉 it’s good to know hyori’s being LOVED. ^_^

  3. aska replied:

    thanks for sharing this vid

  4. pholix replied:

    The book is on the table!!!

  5. andy replied:


  6. bellminah replied:

    Thanks so much : )

  7. alice replied:

    thank you!

  8. sumra7 replied:


  9. gee replied:

    haha, kute. thank you!

  10. Slovenian replied:


  11. tastegud replied:

    zommgggg it works 😀 so relieved ><


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